Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nasty nasty steak

I don't know....maybe just sit around an' do nuttin. Ya know, I'm get'n pretty good at that. I don't have to do no housework 'cause there ain't gonna be nobody com'n by to visit. Ain't got no chores what has to be took care of this very instant. Life is good when ya know how to handle it. Relax, take it easy....do nuttin.

Speak'n of chores. Remember them two steaks I took out the freezer yesterday? Them are the most god awful look'n steaks I ever see in my whole life. Weren't the right color. Feel kind of slimy. Was full of water. I'm talk'n bad ass nasty. But I cook them suckers up anyhows....throwed 'em on the grill. Then I ate one. Ha, this ain't steak. This is a old chunk of road kill 18 wheeler tire tread. Good thing I boiled me up some taters an' made some gravy.

Now that got me to think'n. I bought these things at Walmart. In a big ol' box advertis'n corn fed super delicious top sirloin steak. All wrap up in air tite vacuum baggie thingys. Wouldn't you think these would be super delicious steaks grilled up on the barbie? Ain't never gonna make that mis'steak' again. It ain't really got a thing to do with Walmart neither. These are the same boxed up steaks found in any big super market. I would be almost will'n to bet a dollar they come from China though. Maybe they was Chinese oxen or a yak....something like that. What ya think???

I been think'n since I love my coffee....what ever happened to Arbuckles coffee? Arbuckles is the original cowboy coffee ya know. A quick Google search and "MY GOD", that stuff is $18 a pound....plus ship'n. I ain't never taste Arbuckles coffee....alway stick with the cheap stuff Folgers classic roast an' Maxwell House. I like a rich body coffee with plenty kick to it. And I don't find that in the cheap coffee no more. Kind of tastes like they wash the beans in kerosene or something like that. Wonder if'n I can find some Arbuckles in one the big grocery chains? I deserve a good cup of coffee.

If'n I can believe the weather forecast thingy, we got another great week ahead of us. Last nights low was 51 degs, so that was good. Look'n like another close to 80 day again today. That's sit'n outside weather ya know.

Speak'n of sit'n outside, I charge up the "bubba boat" battery yesterday. Hook it up to the solar panels with a set of jumper cables. There ain't no wind this morn'n, so I maybe/might go over to the lake and launch the "bubba boat". Take me a fish pole along just in case I see a fish jump'n round out there. I'm think'n it's bout time the old Billy Bob catched him up a great big ol' bass fish. Hell, even a little one would be OK too.

I'm think'n a grilled up fat pork chop for supper tonight. Baked tater and maybe some corn. I sure as hell ain't gonna eat this other steak I got left from yesterday. Sadie Mae???? She like steak.

Ok, I'm gone....out of here...do something. Laters.


  1. You ain't got no faith!! You should of said that you were gonna have bass fillets. I buy the Columbian Surpreno coffee at Wall*Mart. Good and rich, dark coffee that smells oh so gooood.

    1. With ya on that DD. Even my store brand is potent too.

  2. You talk about pork steak for supper and fish in the same sentence? wow, ye of no faith,,,lolollolol.
    You DO know what's wrong with your coffee don't you? It's that clean pot,,No flavorings in it.

  3. I hesitate to comment, but you did ask "What ya think???". I think I would go hungry before I'd buy meat from Walmart. Most supermarkets will do whatever they can get by with, and what probably keeps them in check is the worry of bad publicity - not the worry about their customers' health or happiness. I just don't trust Walmart and never have, so I surely wouldn't buy food there. And now that the U.S. is importing more food from China, just look at what they try to get by with when it comes to inanimate objects - do you think they care about food quality or safety? Sorry, but I'm really opinionated on this subject.

  4. Billy Bob,

    I was once in Del Rio and found a good coffee Sello Rojo either at Walmart or HEB. Comes in a red vacuum sealed brick. Good coffee and plenty cheap. Give it a try.

  5. Billy Bob,

    I really hope you don't mistreat Sadie Mae by letting her try to eat your nasty steak. Be a good boy and do NOT do that, if you haven't already...

  6. I am catching up on your blog and had just finished reading yesterday's blog and salivating at the thought of a good steak. Sorry it did not turn out good.

    Remember if you get on Bubba Boat....DO NOT SMOKE!

  7. I had a cup of coffee at a restaurant not to long ago and thought I died and went to heaven. YUP it was Arbuckle, I asked if they new where you can buy it and they said only on line of course theirs is delivered to them. I drank so many cups I almost was climbing the walls. hahaha Yes the price stopped me dead in my tracks for ordering some.

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