Sunday, January 27, 2013


After my great adventure out on Falcon Lake (pirate lake) in the "bubba boat" a couple days ago, I've come to the conclusion....I got to do something different. Although the "bubba boat" is a perfect example of a 'redneck' bass fish'n boat, some "modifications" are in order. First off, it needs to go much faster than what it do now. That means I need me a bigger motor. A bigger motor would require a bigger battery. A bigger battery would require a bigger battery charger. A bigger battery charger would require bigger solar panels.....and so on an' so forth. All that just to go faster.

But a faster boat is not the only requirement for a great day of fish'n in a little 10 foot trolling motor powered fish'n boat.....like the "bubba boat". For an enjoyable and excit'n family outing out on the water, a well designed boat needs to have ample room for each family member to stretch out and relax. The "bubba boat" does not have this added feature. So what to do??? Modify, that's what. Or....make the purchase of a bigger boat. I have both options....and to hell with the cost...I'm go'n fish'n.

Now when ya modify something like a boat, ya gotta take many things into consideration. You know like....am I gonna sink an' drown. Or is the "bubba boat" gonna just go in little circles like it did on the first modifications I made (which further modifications corrected that problem). A blow up boat has a design feature built in. It's called balance. Too much weight foward and the bow is under water.....ya sink. Too much weight in the back, the stern is under water....ya sink. So here's what I'm think'n....move the seat back a foot and put a big ol' heavy battery up front. That looks like balance to me. And there would be room for my entire family (me an' Sadie Mae) to lay back an' relax. "Damn Billy Bob, you're a genius....you gonna sink an' drown".

That's enough boat talk for one day....but stay tuned.

Yesterday was another beautiful south Texas day. Other than the wind what was blow'n up a storm. You know, blow the "bubba boat" all the ways to Mexico an' never get back. But all that wind is gone this morn'n. Look'n like a good day for fish'n. Oh wait, that little breeze is pick'n up out there. There goes fish'n.

So, what will the old Billy Bob be do'n today? Since I missed the morn'n Sunday go to meet'n. I rekon I'll just sit back, sip me up a cup an' do a little think'n. It's still early enough I could go to town an' spend some hard earn cash......you know, donuts an' stuff like that. Speak'n of donuts, I need some new milk. I pick up the jug last night an' that milk come out in chunks. Tasted terrible too. Anyhows, I ain't got nuttin planned.

There this big ol' diesel powered motor home pull in yesterday. Set up camp just up the street a piece....walk'n distance. He come this little old man walk'n his dog "Yuma" down to "Sally da house". I'm think'n bout 67 or 68 year old. We talk a while. Then he says he's 83 year old. I was think'n..."damn, he sure do hold his age good". So ya see, even old people still travel all round the country. And that got me to think'n.....I can do that. I rekon I can count my lucky stars that I don't have me a little piece of property somewheres. I probly sit my ass down in a old rock'n chair on the front porch an' shrivel up an' die. Buy me a tractor though.

Ok....let's do something......laters.   


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  2. I used to have the sre knowledge that I wouldn't live to be 83, but now I'm thinking I might just do it! Your boat modifications seem like they would work, but don't sink and drown.

  3. Keep on RVing and fishing, that will keep you young (if'n you don't drown yourself with modifications to that Bubba boat).

  4. BB I use a 8' Coleman bass boat molded plastic that has 2 seats but use only one the dog sits up front holds 2 d24 battery's and it would fit on top of my jeep. Made a little ramp to push it up on and strap it down. I found this one for 300.00.