Monday, January 21, 2013

Track'n critters

Ah, is today some kind of holiday or something??? I'm pretty much sure it's Monday morn'n, but how comes nobody tole me it's a holiday....or something like that????

Well shoot, what go'n on? The sky is fall'n or something like that....full of freak'n clouds. Ain't no sunshine an' it ain't even 70 degs yet.

Now let me tell ya bout yesterday. Couldn't ask for a better day. Got up right bout 80 degs, short sleeve weather. Sun tans an' stuff like that. By the time me and Sadie Mae got to the lake, the wind done started blow'n. That always scare hell out me if'n I'm out in the middle of the lake in a blow up boat. You know, wind blow the "bubba boat" all the ways to Mexico an' then splain'n to the Federales what the hell I do'n over there. So I didn't launch the "bubba boat" an' go fish'n.....out of fear of go'n to jail in Mexico. I ain't skeered of drown'n or nuttin like that 'cause I got me a life jacket in the boat. But anyhows, I sit there on the hood of "that jeep" just daydream'n. You know what I'm talk'n bout. Watch'n big ol' bass fish jump'n all over the place out there.

Speak'n of fish. I don't know how many time I got to tell ya, but the old Billy Bob is a "catch and release" fisherman. A sportsman. I don't eat bass. I don't like bass. They taste like water. I don't like water.

While me an' Sadie Mae was walk'n along the shore line, we notice some critter tracks. Yes Barney, the old Billy Bob walk way the hell an' gone down there and back. Then I got to think'n, follow them tracks. I'm a tracker ya know. Graduate from Bob an' Teds online track'n school in Waco Texas. One of them tracks I rekoned was from either a dog or a coyote. But for track'n purposes, I'm gonna say coyote. Tracks went right into the weeds where I lost all sign in the dry hard ground.

But then there was another critter track. First I was think'n raccoon, but a quick Google search....it weren't no raccoon.

So what the hell is it?? A bob cat??? Well, I Google that too. Don't look the same to me. Any ideas????
I guess I ain't really no tracker if'n I don't know what I'm track'n.

OFM Barney email me tell'n me they drain'n Lake Amistad an' all that water is gonna come to Falcon Lake. Ok. Well I decided I would see just how much all that water makes it way down here. So's I mark the level yesterday.
See that big ol' rock? I toted that sucker a hunnert mile to place right on the waters edge. Sadie Mae check'n it out.....says "what the hell this rock for"? Dogs don't no nuttin.....damn!!! On my next trip to the lake an' if'n that rock is under water, the lake done come up. I'm a genious ya know. Who would'a ever thought of that trick?

Remember I was tell'n ya I was gonna grill me up some pork chops? Well, I didn't. I cut 'em in little bitty pieces an' make me a Mexican dish out them. I'm think'n maybe I invented it, but ya never know, them Mexicans do know how to cook some good eat'n. It were something like carne quisada (meat chunks and gravy), but knock yer socks off kind'a hot. Boy howdy I mean to tell ya. Too much that Louisiana Red I betcha. Long with can of corn, a couple big ol' flour tortillas, yum boy howdy eat'em up. That what I gonna eat here in just a little bit before I head over to the lake. Check my rock ya know.


  1. I love Mexican food but it sure isn't kind to my stomach and digestion.

  2. Those prints are from the Chupacabra.

  3. For us old southen boys it's Robert E Lee Birthday, Happy Birthday General.

    As for M.L. brithday i don't have any prolem with it, he done what he thought
    best for him to do.

  4. Now Billy Bob don't you know that someone is going to go down there a move that rock and bush pile into the water giving you a false reading on your water level...

  5. butterbean carpenterJanuary 21, 2013 at 6:40 PM

    Howdy BB,
    If you get blowed over to Mexico them gang-bangers will use the bubba-boat for target practice WITH YOU IN IT; then whatcha agonna do, huh??? If you can get them steaks back to Wallyworld, you'll get your $$$ back, ya know!!! Hope the 80* days keep up, maybe Barney'll come down and warm up!! Go catch a bass!

  6. lol I like DDs answer,,
    AND,,,I'll celebrate Robert E Lee's BD any time,,,