Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Vulture warning

I read lots of different blogs, other than the ones over there on the right. There are some really pitifully unhappy people out there. They vent the frustrations of their own miserable life, only to "rune" (ruin) the day for the reader. They will make statements on their blog that they would never have the balls to say to another face to face. Disgusting....that what it is. "Dang Billy Bob, you gonna piss somebody off".

Ok, what happened last night?  Went to bed early, pet that damn dog, lay down on my pillow and eyes wide open for hours. Ya see, I got this "catch" in my shoulder what just won't go way. Been there for bout 3 months now. I'm think'n it's a pulled muscle....corpral tunnel shoulder????.....ever hear of that?? Then bout 3am I got this urge to heave my supper from last night. No, it weren't a good night at "da house".

Last nights closing pic......the photo doesn't do justice of what I seen with my eyes.

Don't know what I gonna do today. After last night, all I want to do is lay down and "do nuttin". The "bubba boat" is still blowed up this morning, so I rekon them leaks is repaired. Had no doubts.

Broke out the grill last night and burnt me up some chicken. As I recall, I had made an adjustment to the regulator back in Deming so I could burn steak on the lower rack. Well, my chicken caught fire on the upper rack. Readjustment were made for 350 degs what is perfect for chicken. Now tonight I plan on burn'n me up a steak, baked tater and an ear of corn.

They have a warning here at Fayette Lake Oak Thicket campground. Beware of black vultures. It seems that black vultures find vinyl a delicacy. Eat them wiper blades right off'n your winder wipers. Put chips in your pait job eat'n dead bugs. Leave a window open in the car and expect holes in the seats and dash. Stuff left outside can be destroyed while you're off fish'n or tak'n a hike.  Here some just wait'n on old Billy Bob to leave camp.

Ok....gonna see what this day has in store for me....laters

As expected, today has been a lay back day. Sat outside till I started sweat'n. This heat is terrible. But lets talk bout that for a minute....I ain't got nuttin else to do. Everybody knows it hot in Texas yet they still complain "it's too hot". 

When I started this trip, I knew it was the wrong time of the year for a trip through Texas. I knew bout all the dried up lakes, the drought and bout the heat wave across Texas. And here I am, right slap dab in the middle of it all. So why do I complain 'cause I can't go out and do stuff? Human nature I would suppose. If it was cold, you would hear me complain bout "it's too cold". Anyhows, I ain't gonna complain no more. I brung it on myself. Now I got to live with it. So today was another beautiful day....even if it was 107 degs a few hours ago and I had to spend the better part of the afternoon in the house with the AC set on 78 degs "do'n nuttin".

Bout 7pm I'm gonna go out there and fire up that grill. Got my steak all defrosted, tater laid out and the corn ready for the micro. My old girlfriend Vickie, rest her soul, taught me how to make a perfect baked tater. Ya put it in a bowl of water, just enough to cover it, and nuke it for 8 minutes. Cut it open, fill it with butter and garlic and wrap that sucker in foil for 15 minutes on the grill.

Maybe I better start dinner right now and plan on a fish'n trip later. Try for a catfish tonight. What ya say bout that?


  1. About those blogs, I read them and think the people are nuts, sad, unhappy and need to vent to somebody or someone and are alone so the blog is their outlet..Bout thouse black vultures, the windshield wipers I suppose you could cover them up with towels, sheets, pillowcases or old towels, sheets, pillowcases, opening ones windows in cars is not so necessary and a reminder many at campgrounds are not that nice of people, just my opinion..Like your blog, I read the blogs you like finding the people warm and caring..too many in this world are not so nice, so I start my days off reading yours after bennetexas, etc..keep a happy heart, hope your shoulder hurtin stops or you get some relief, nothing like not sleeping to ruin a perfectly good day.ciao...

  2. There's 1 in particular, sick n disgusting. How can a human being be so miserable? I can't exist like that.
    Don't see any pics of those BIG fish yet. You didn't connect that chicken u ate, with that upchucking? lol O yeah, wasps still around? Black vultures? lol,,look like buzzards to me. Nasty birds.

  3. Beautiful picture of the sunset. You made me hungry talking about that steak and baked potato.

    I hope you get to feeling better :-)