Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Extend or not extend

Boy howdy, what a night. Toss and turn all night long, leg cramps and an ach'n back. And I don't have a thing to blame it on.

Don't know what gonna happen today, but I hope it's more than what happen yesterday. Yesterday was spent mostly inside do'n a little this and a little that....clean'n, read'n, and think'n. Think'n was the only success, if'n ya can consider indecision, confusion and a fog'n up a mind a success. Here what I been think'n, Texas is in a severe drought, the creeks all ran dry, ain't no water in the lakes, hotter than hell, an' I ain't excited bout "mov'n on. Maybe I'll just go talk to that nice lady up at Park Headquarters and see if I can stay right here for another week.

I had thought about pack'n up and head'n south to Port Aransas and the babes in bikinis on the beach. But guess what, it's hot in Port Aransas too....along with very high humidity. I should know after living there for 20 years and go'n back for a visit for the last 10 years after my retirement.

Now a word bout fish'n. The fish'n at Inks Lake ain't what you would call outstanding. Channel catfish seems to be the "catch of the day". And old Billy Bob ain't no catfisherman. Then you have the fish'n license to purchase. Problem is, Texas fish'n licenses expire in 14 days and then I got to buy another one. But....for an added fee, you can purchase a resident (what I are) fish'n license what is good for a year from date of purchase.....for $47. That what I gonna do.

Update on fish'n license.... If you purchase your license after Aug. 15th, your new license will not expire until Aug 31st 2012. $22 well spent for a all water fresh and salt fish'n license........"where da fish at Billy Bob"? Well hell, I don't know.

Ok, too late to change my mind. Extended my stay for another 7 days.

Sorry bout the 18 megabytes this video has, but I don't know how to make it smaller. Any ideas????
Holy cows, how do ya keep this thing go on a straight course? Yikes, look out, here come Billy Bob.
Ya see, it's like this.....the pump I have will only pump up to 1/2 pound pressure and the "bubba boat" needs to be pump up to 1 1/2 pound. It ain't rigid enough....or something like that. Got the battery on charge so's I can go a hunnert mile a hour......yeah......yeee haaa!

This is a test......


  1. Extend if you can. That is a really nice area for enjoying. Tip: Small white jigs or spinnerbaits around the pier lights at night.

  2. Thanks Barney. Extended for 1 more week. I don't have any spinnerbaits other than the ones I use for trout fish'n. Sure would like to catch me a bunch of bluegill.....them are good eat'n.

  3. Glad you took my advice and extended your stay. There has to be bass in there. I prefer fishing at night with surface lures. Love it when a big Hog Bass takes a surface lure. The Bubba-boat would be perfect for night fishing. Of course I always did much better in the dark of the moon.

  4. Yeah Dizzy, night time fish'n is much cooler....what I prefer to be. I ain't got no light ya know, an' ya gotta have a little white navigation light. Sides that.I would get lost out there in the dark. Have to sleep in the bushes somewheres.

    I feel much better that I extended. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. now that was funny... goin round and round and round surprised you didn't get dizzy and fall in the drain.

  6. You are right it is hot all over Texas so if you are going to be hot might as well be under the cover of those beautiful trees where you are staying.

    Is Sadie Mae behaving herself?


  7. I liked the videos, but be careful, you are going to get yourself dizzy!