Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time to go home

Got up way too early this morn'n. Dag nab dog wanted to go outside and chase critters. Ya see, there are trees all around my campsite and little critters (squirrels) live in them trees. They everywhere and Sadie Mae wants one. Now anyone that says they don't like squirrels ain't no animal lover. How can ya not be mesmerized watching a squirrel and the antics they pull?

Second thing I notice this morn'n was my neighbors out pick'n up stuff get'n ready to pull out. This kind of reminds me of when we go camp'n in north Georgia. My oldest son is up bout sun up pack'n stuff to go home. My God, we don't have to leave before 2pm. He use'ta be a certified "redneck camper", but like the weather, a black cloud hangs over his head and he got to get out of the rain.  Damn sissy boy....that what he are!!!

Ain't much to write about this morning. Still too many people in the park to tote that "bubba boat" down to the water. Ya see, it's like this, old Billy Bob get embarrassed real easy.....quick like. You know what I'm talk'n bout. Like fall'n on his ass in the water, arms flapp'n an' holler'n "HELP I'm drown'n", with a couple hunnert people look'n. No, I ain't gonna take that chance.

Be back later with more adventures....."what adventures Billy Bob"?

Still no adventures, but let me tell ya bout a bunch of picniceers. They came in 5 vehicles packed like sardines. All total there were 31, kids, growed ups and a few teenagers. But it was this one guy that got my attention. He didn't seem to be too happy with the rest of them. Made trip after trip back to the truck to get a "sip of beer". By the time 2 hours had passed, he was out of beer, sit'n all by his self with his arms folded cross his chest....pout'n I would assume.

Got me some chicken brew'n on the stove. Gonna eat early so I can tote that "bubba boat" down to the waterfore it get too dark to see. Most everyone is gone now, so I may be hav'n launch'n ceremonies in the next hour or so. Don't forget the camera Billy Bob.

8:30pm....."damn it Billy Bob, where the camera"?

Just got back from a jaunt around the lake in the "bubba boat". Ain't nuttin to it...once ya figger how to get in and out. But that weren't too bad for a 70 year old crippled up cogger like me. Pointed my butt at the seat, shut my eyes and sat down. Then to make sure, I got out and got back in...a couple times. Ya might say I'm a pro "bubba boat" gitter in'er out'er now. Pointed that sucker out to the center of the lake an' take off. When I gets out there, I look off to the east, and what did I see. Big black clouds, rain comm'n down an' then the wind come up, blow'n right on old Billy Bob. Made it safely back to dock bout a hunnert mile a hour....arms a flail'n work'n that paddle. Now I figger if I can get back to dock in a gale force storm like that, I'm ready for a motor. Installed my homemade "bubba boat" troll'n motor bracket with the help of Sadie Mae. Ready for some serious motor boat'n tomorrow.
Did I mention, Sadie Mae does not like water....no, not one bit her don't.  I had to carry her out to 1 foot of water and she made a beeline back to shore soon as her feet got wet. Silly ass dog.


  1. If I fall in the water and am drowning, I want a couple hundred people there to save me. . . BTW embarrassment is a one sided emotion and therefore it is useless. Just laugh and let everyone else laugh with you.

  2. Dizzy, the water is only 1 foot deep. I sure ain't gonna drown, but I'm gonna let everyone think I am.

  3. You silly goose, you really made me laugh with the description of your antics :-D

    BTW how did you end up fixing your problem with "third party cookies?"

  4. You mean you didn't offer the poor man any beer when his beer ran out?

  5. I sometimes like to pout when I run out of beer.