Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday bash...early

Yesterday....yes, yesterday. Let me tell ya, it ain't easy try'n to entertain an' keep up with grand yung'ns. They just too active to keep up with.....so I just sit there in my chair out on "da porch" sip'n a cup and watches 'em. What a life! Ya gotta love it.
Ya know they gonna grow up real fast like and ya ain't gonna have nuttin left but memories. Take some pics, set 'em in your lap....talk to them. 

Have ya ever ride one them electric scooters? Well old Billy Bob did. Been a hunnert year since I been on a scooter....we used to race them ya know....downhill go'n a hunnert mile a hour. Well I looks at this new fangled electric scooter and says..."wonder if I can ride that"?
Now I gotta warn ya, this is a long video....long in bandwidth....may take a while to load up. But yep, that is old Billy Bob grinn'n from ear to ear......go'n a hunert mile a hour of course.

Grandkids gonna bake me up a birthday cake today. Ask me what kind I want and I says..."cherry chocolate". Now I got to tell ya right now, my cherry chocolate cake is got to be one the bestest cake ya ever set yer teeths into. Here how ya make it....

Ya go to Walmart and buy ya up one them yaller cake mixes, a can of chocolate fudge frost'n an' a can of Comstock cherry pie fill'n. Then ya goes home. Break ya out a pan, a skillet or a big bowl.....if'n ya got one. Empty that cake mix right in the bottom that pan, skillet or bowl and break open 3 eggs right on top. With a mixer thingy...I use a egg flippit thingy, ya mix them eggs right into that cake mix. Note: In case ya ain't got a egg flippit, ya could probably improvise and use a electric mixer. Then ya throws that can of cherry pie fill'n in there and mix 'er up some more. Don't be put'n no water in there....sheesh!! That's it....simple huh? Put it in a greased and floured up 9X14 cake pan or what ever suits yer fancy and toss that sucker in a 350 degs oven for how ever long it take. You know....the old toothpick trick. I wanna hear from all ya what try this recipe.

The handsome dude of the pack.....Nate (Nathan).
The beautiful "mama" Angela. She such a good girl. Bestest mama this side of Dallas. That my baby girl. Loves her to death.

Weather thingy says we gonna get some rain. That be good for some the folks what live in the area....Dizzy and Hermit, but it gonna make it muddy for old Billy Bob....and the kids sleep'n out there in a tent. My God, I can see it now....little muddy feet prints all over my floors (carpet).

Afternoon..... I done crawls up under "da house" an' fix it up that gasoline leak. Don't take long when ya got a purty good idea what ya do'n an' the right tools to do it with. Old Billy Bob got some tools ya know. Table saw, chain saw.....big ol' hammers, all kinds of stuff.
Now....take a close look at this thang and tell me if'n them are squirl bites.
Look to me like somebody been chew on my gas line.....what ya think?

Ok, I been wait for 2 day now and ain't nobody say nuttin bout my new blog look. I got to know....ya know. I'm think'n it look pretty good myself, but who am I to say? Input.....need input. Been think'n of keep'n the layout an' change the background from time to time......now that I knows how.


  1. Good blog BB, I can tell you are enjoying yourself and love your family. It is good to take time to smell the flowers and ride the skooooter.

  2. Great vid!! lmaoooo. Love the pics of ur family., well, and u of course. (had to say that) hehehe.
    Maybe that's how u do the rain dance?

  3. Yah, muddy little foot prints all over the carpet. Wouldn't suprise me ifn you took pictures and stuck them on front of the fridgerator, maybe even frame one or two.
    Enjoy um while you can, as you well know, all of a sudden they grown up and moved away.

  4. I have noticed your new blog look, and like it very much. I'm just a bit jealous that you have the initiative to change it, while I'm too lazy to try to figure it out and mine just stays the same.

    Glad your're enjoying the grandkids. They grow up all too fast, don't they?

  5. Happy Birthday early billy bob..nothing like family to spoil with love and affection and spending that time and affection really is what being a gramps is all about....Your grand kids and your daughter look so so sweet, enjoy the times and riding that scooter made me chuckle you stayed on it and had a good time..it is raining as I type this out, we never got any sunshine of much here in vancouver washington..a few days of the 90's in sept then whoof back to rain, clouds, most of the summer was unseasonably cool, cloudy and ole sun did not show it's face. Guess winter will be cold as heck and lots of ice and snow.brrrrrrr..happy happy..!!!!!!!!

  6. Back ground looks great.
    Your family looks like fun. They must have gotten that gene from you.they sure do grow up fast I had 2 great grand babies born in August, can't wait to get home and see them also a new granddaughter.

    The scoote ridin was a hoot and you stayed with it.

    Yup those sure look like little but sharp teeth marks. Little pests.

  7. Happy B-day Mr Billy Bob..!!

    eat some cake for us'ns.

    Big and LIttle foots

  8. I don't often do Utubes as I have to conserve my bandwith, but this one I HAD to play.. .tooo funny! You are one cool grandpa dude, fur shur!

  9. Howdy BB,

    What did you and Barney do; switch states?? Of course he can't stand the altitude and you are tired of sea-air already.. You both might just go to the Big Bend.. or Pecos

    Who was the gal with the'big'fish?

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes!!!