Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool front....yeah!!!

Holy crap, I got up too early this morning. Had to laugh when I let Sadie Mae out to do her thang. Look at the "bubba boat" what was lay'n out there.....half deflated. Damn I would'a drown in that thing if'n I would have slept in it out on the lake. Temp is to a blaz'n 74 degs now, sun is shin'n on the "bubba boat an' he retak'n shape. That cool front we got last night sure did feel good. Had to drag me out a blanket it were so cold.

Ain't got a thing to do today. That is unless the wind dies down a bit in the next couple hours. Sure would like to go out on the lake and try out that new skeg on the "bubba boat". All excitis....just know I gonna have me a good ol' time out there. "NO SMOK'N IN DA BOAT"!!!!

Bunch of Labor Day visitors pull out last night and the remaining campers are pack'n up this morning. Been a busy week end at Lake Tawakoni. Now that is cause for me to do some think'n. What would happen if I decided to spend another week at beautiful Lake Tawakoni? I ain't got nowhere's to go. Ain't in no hurry to go. I like it here. Sure would like to catch me up one them big ol' fishes.

Gonna have to go find me a grocery store some time today. Down to rationing bread, ain't got no milk, maters are start'n to rot, taters done shrivel up, got roots grow'n out them....ain't got nuttin to eat. Damn it's a hard life when ya hav'n fun. "Fun??? You call this fun? You nuts Billy Bob". Well....actually it is fun, if ya forget bout all the trials and tribulations involved to have a day of fun. Like yesterday, I had fun. I was do'n something. Had me a project. Used my hands build'n stuff. Oh yeah, I remember what they call that fiberglass stuff I make that skeg out of. It called FRP.....fiberglass reinforced plastic. Good stuff. And yes, monkey glue hole to FRP....make strong like bull. GRRRRRR!!!!

Don't know that I should mention this on my blog, but my daughter in law got a big ol' tatoo right across her butt cheeks. If'n I were her "memah", I would take a hickory to her butterfly ass.

Ok....gonna see what I can get into today.......laters for sure


  1. Well, it's a start. "NO SMOK'N IN DA BOAT"!!!!
    Enjoy the lake and another week sounds good.

  2. BE AWARE OF FIRE DANGER!!!! Bad fires all over Texas. Worst in Bastrop County. Get that Bubba Boat fixed, might need to get in that lake! lololo, serious about that.

  3. I think I got this try and look at my blog today. It is looking better
    I think lol
    I hope i meet the standard today