Thursday, September 1, 2011

Castaway dreams

Today's title comes from a dreamer. All my life I have had dreams, good dreams, wonderful dreams, exciting dreams. Now at a much older age, most of those dreams have fallen to the wayside , been fulfilled or were just plain too silly. But to take a perfectly wonderful dream, build on it, invest time, planning and $$$$, only to toss it out the window.....is insane.  Yes I'm talk'n bout that old grouchy Ben and his dream to go traveling in an RV.
Mistake Ben, big mistake. (open for discussion)
'To let a dream die, is to die inside'
'To kill a dream is murder'

Boy howdy what a beautiful morning. What more could ya ask for than to get up feel'n good, well rested after a hard day at the office, sun shin'n down on ya,  birds fly'n round, squills crawl'n in the trees.....yes, another beautiful day.

Had a guy ask me not long ago if I talk the same as I write. Well no I don't. I went to skool ya know. When I write, I use carefully picked words to match the way I was brung up to say them....the ways they sound. In a person to person conversation, I am very careful to pronounce each and every word to perfection....what would make any English scholar proud. Writing words the way I do takes lots of practice and a tremendous amount of research of Old English, backwoods sayings, a little redneck here and there, folk lore and everyday beer drink'n slurred conversation. "Bring me another beer honey".

Well I want you lookie here. I went out to take a look at "bubba boat" this morn'n and that sucker still full of air. Hot damn Billy Bob, you either good or lucky. That leak is fixed. Now all I gotta do is figger out how to get it in the water with out fall'n on my ass. It's all downhill ya know. Boat ramp seems the best spot. Bout 3 trips up and down that ramp load'n up all my necessary gear and I be ready to go catch me up some them fishes.

Ok...."da porch" time....sip' a cup ya know.

Damn it hot....107 degs. That why I took me up a big ol' nap. Was able to sit'n outside "do'n stuff" till almost noon....Sadie Mae was sit'n at the door huff'n an' pant'n "we go'n in yet"??

See I tole ya there was trees....and leaves all over the place.....
This is where "bubba boat" gonna ride down to the lake.

From Bob from Athens comment, maybe the old feller has helped me out. I done got to think'n bout where I gonna go next and after his comment, I gonna do some check'n out on that Lake Fork. Got to find me a campground right on the water ya know. Holy cows.....there lots of stuff to look at.
Post and come back.....thanks Bob.


  1. It's a beautiful morning here in Sacramento too. As for dreams, I've followed most of mine. Some weren't the wisest choices I ever made, but I wouldn't trade one bit of my life to go back and do it over. That's freedom, of mind and of spirit!

  2. Has to be pics to believe ANY of ur fishing tales! hahahaha Bring em on.
    Always has to be one in the crowd, rides that short bus.

  3. Wow, a 69.5 pound blue catfish. That thing could swallow a bubba boat. I have a lot of dreams left that I want to follow.

  4. I don't know as I would put a lot of faith in that Tawakoni fishing report. 8995 degree water is kinda high even for this year. Back on the mid 50's when Tawakoni was being built, it was called Iron bridge dam. There were holes in the Sabine that never went dry, even in the biggest droughts. I seen with my own eyes cat's caught outa there that went over 125 lbs, they was about five feet long. Now that was down around the dam. So be careful, if'n one of them gets ahold of you and bubba, that gonna be a long ride.
    When you get tired of Tawakoni, head on over to Lake Fork, lots of big bass there, some as high as 16 or 18 lbs. Just head on down to Wills Point and go east on hwy 80 thirty or fourty miles.

  5. I have dreams... a couple crossed off USMC and Law Enforcement. Family ETC... the day I am lookin toward is the day of retirement. Keepinem real and alive 18 more to go. BB get your fish and head out south to Ga. time to see us. anyways have fun...

  6. What kind of bait are you using BB?

  7. I'm with Bob from Athens on that fishing report.

    BB, I don't know how you drink coffee all day and it doesn't affect you. I have coffee and I stay up for hours.

    BTW did you ever find out what was biting you?

  8. Ive spent all kinds of time, going thru anything that might change my settings, and i can't find anything to help. If u know where, let me know. Or,, anybody else know? Im not one of these ppl that won't take advice. AND i don't know everything,,,hehehehe,,,I love to learn. Keeps ur brain going good.

  9. Dreams, yes they are important even later years but unless one is able to access another's brain their dreams might change without notice for their their own personal reasons.
    Like the first paragraph of your post, only having met you through the pen, it gives a different perspective of you.

  10. You might want to check out Lake Palestine after Lake Fork.