Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a short note to say......

Boy Howdy, that old Billy Bob done overdid it yesterday. I'm sore all over from my old crusty sun burnt toes to the top my head. Now ya see, here what happen. I tole myself yesterday morn'n, "Billy Bob, take it easy, take your time an' take a nap". That would'a work just fine, but that ain't what I did.

Let me tell ya right straight, I were a fish'n fool yesterday. Gave up on chunk'n fish lures at them damn fish and reverted to sit'n on my ass catfish'n. Toted all this fish'n stuff down to the lake and then just sit there look'n at my fish poles in the water do'n nuttin. They was just sit'n there. Well, yes they did. Every time a turtle got hungry, he steal my bait and the fish pole do one them little wiggle things. Reel in an' I ain't got no bait.

Now let me tell ya bout them turtles. My fish'n hook done got hung up in one them turtles lips and here he come right up on shore, right where I sit'n. He must'a been plenty pissed 'cause he had that "bite'n" look in his eyes. Big ol' nasty look'n mouth flap'n at me while I "cautiously" attempt to relieve him of  that sharp fish'n hook. I bet ya a buck his neck was a foots long an' he was aim'n to take one my fingers off. Damn that were one mean look'n turtle. Can ya eat snapp'n turtles???

Then bout 6pm I got the urge to go catch me up some fish. I heared somewheres that catfish eat at night. Chunk a few lures, but there weren't nuttin but little minners swim'n round.....and it take too many them for a good sammich. Well anyhows, I didn't catch no fish....just fed the turtles.

By the time 10pm roll around, I were hungry. I mean really hungry. Ate me up a peanutbutter/jelly sammich an' hit the sack. Yeah right. I were hurt'n. Was a long night of toss'n an' turn'n look'n for a comfortable position. "Damn Billy Bob, ya got to slow down".

Ok, my day is started......"now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Tote that "bubba boat" down there and go catch me up some big ol' bass....that what I gonna do.

Ok....3pm and ain't catched a fish yet. Went down there  to the lake, where I moved my "da porch", baited up my fish poles, chunk 'em in the water, sit back sip'n a cup and waited....and waited....and waited. Damn them ol' fish!!! But I did catch me up some more them snap'n turtles. One come close to get'n my finger, but I were faster....and smarter. Smaks him one time them needle nose pliers and he let go that hook an' take off.

Went over to the boat ramp to try catch one over there. Nope, nuttin but them damn snap'n turtles. Get'n low on bait. Break out the hot dogs Billy Bob. Bout afterwhiles, I think I gonna go catch me some fish. "bubba boat" still sit'n on the picnic table.

$:30pm....."bubba boat" is at the lake. Motor installed, life jacket on board, fish poles down there, fresh coffee brew'n and then.....the wind come up. At least all that stuff is down at the lake and I don't have no more stuff to tote. That a hard job ya know. Ain't gonna happen but this one time. Next time I gonna have wheels on the "bubba boat"....soons I find me a hardware store for some pvc pipe and a axle shaft. Steal me some wheels off'n some kids stroller when mom ain't look'n. She'll say...."what the hell....where my wheels"???
Ok.....coffee done...back to snapper fish'n.


  1. The first time I went fishing I caught a big catfish. Never got anything after that except a few little fish that you could barely see. I gave up, admitting the dang fish were smarter than I am!

  2. Snapping turtles are very good to eat. Make good stew.

  3. Snapping turtles??? to eat??,,DD what's wrong with you? Now,,those soft shell ones,,yummmmm.

    How to cat fish:,,,take ur cooler full of beer, find a comfortable place to sit, bait that hook, toss it out there, prop up that pole,,and,,,drink. If that pole bends, spill that beer, grab that pole, reel that ,,,,turtle in. lololol,,,

  4. Gypsy, my grandson tole me that a fish has an attention span of only 10 seconds. If that's true, then fish ain't too swift.

    Ok Dizzy, how the hell ya clean one when he flap'n them lips at ya?

    LOL Trouble, that what I been do'n....sip'n my cup and reel'n in turtles. Caught 4 this morning.

  5. Forgot to tell ya, my Dad always said ,,,if one of them snapping turtles bites ya, gotta thunder before he'll turn loose. Watch those fingers!!, snap snap Ain't gonna thunder around here for,,forever,,,tho u might hold it over the fires going on, nah,,then you'd just have a cooked one hanging on.

  6. Very interesting fishin you do Billy Bob. Maybe you can start a turtle farm.

  7. You do know you have to "spit" on the bait before you cast it in the water.
    Catfish, all mouth, no brain!

  8. Don't know how to clean them turtles, but do know how to eat trutle soup, done that.

  9. Hey Billy Bob... about now are you thinking it just might be CHEAPER to go and BUY a fish?????

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Hey BB

    If you want to catch them their Cat Fish go to the supermarket and get you a box of them their Rooster Livers and put a big hunk of them on your hook and hole 0n to Bubba boat when he hits your hook. hehehehe