Friday, September 2, 2011

Out of wind

Yesterday I took a walk. I headed off across the street, through a neighbors yard, down the hill, across some rocks and to the edge of the lake. Found me a place to sit down on the shore and had a peaceful moment. That was down hill. The trip back up hill was a struggling experience. Upon arrival back at "da house" I was out of wind....didn't think I was gonna make it. Then last night I decided to go check out my boat launching area and throw a few lures at the birds. Well it was all down hill again, not too bad. But then I had to go back up that hill. My God, could hardly breath by the time I got back to "that jeep". Is hunnert mile a hour boating and big lunker fishing one more thing I have to give up? I ain't got much left ya know. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy camp'n out 2011 style, sit'n outside on "da porch", sip'n a cup and do'n a little think'n.

I had planned on taking the boat to the water this morning, chunk some fish'n lures, catch me up a big ol' bass... but holy cows, I feel like a wet rag. Lower back and hip is killing me this morning. Had I been more thoughtful when I was younger, I wouldn't be in the shape I'm in today. Did stuff no human being should be do'n. Pick'n up big ol' heavy stuff what weighed more than I did. Yes sir ree bob, I were Mr.Macho man what could lift anything. Now a 5# sack of sugar is a chore. Sheesh, wore that body slap out.

Let me tell ya boy howdy.....what a beautiful morn'n. "That's all I have to say bout that"...(GUMP).

Ok....."da porch" time....see ya in a bit.

3pm......Ok where that cool weather y'all was talk'n bout was gonna be here today? Holy crap, it's 108 degs out there again today. Sit'n in "da house" all afternoon ain't what I call hav'n fun. I did get some nice porch time this morning....bout an hour outside. Walked over to my neighbors house to let him know his house was on fire. Seen smoke com'n off his awning. When I got there, fount out it weren't nuttin but one them water spray doozies....supposed to make ya feel cooler.

Ain't nuttin excit'n go'n on here....and not likely to be, so I gonna crack open a book. See what them outlaws is do'n out there in the badlands.


  1. Just take it easy and stop a few times on the way up the hill. Hey, where the heck did you find a hill in East Texas, anyway? Could also go at an angle and not straight up the hill. Cigerettes wouldn't have anything to do with that, would they??

  2. I think Dizz-Dick hit the nail on the head, based on comments I hear from peoplt that stop smoking lack of breath improving when they stop.
    e, I stopped about thirty seven years ago and one brother thst smoked many more years is now on oxygen for breathing problems. I believe if you are going to give up something you enjoy, keeping the baba boat and fishing and giving up the cigerettes would be a good choice.
    I don't fish, don't like don't eat fish and don't golf but I don't believe any of that would have prevented me from giving up cigerettes.Also, I'm not criticizing, just observing.

  3. Dizzy, the campground here at Lake Tawakoni is on higher ground than the lake. And the lake is 5.5 feets low, so yes, there are hills in east Texas. If I went at an angle, wouldn't that double the distance I would have to tote all my stuff?

    Mickey, yes I need to quit the smok'n habit. I never had much of a problem till they folded up my lungs for my bypass surgery. Well maybe I did, but just didn't notice.

  4. Just what did u say to ME a few days ago?,,,lmaooooo. uh huh. Was all those big fish u caught, lugging up that hill. Need to get u a wagon, like i got, to haul all those fish.

  5. After sleeping all night with the windows open and cool air wafting across my beautiful body, I finally had to turn on the AC about 11 am since it was up up to 82 in here. Enjoy the fishing for me.

  6. I have to agree with the others, I think it might be the cigarretes but then again I ain't a doctor :D

    I messed up my back by trying to be self sufficient and not asking for help when I knew darn well I should not have been lifting so much weight, oh well live and learn. Hopefully some young person reads this and takes note.