Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well here we go with another wonderful day. Or it look it gonna be a good'un one for sure. I rekon my little "un-rain" dance did the trick last night 'cause we didn't get no rain. Now I do realize east Texas is in dire need of rain, but all of east Texas ain't out camp'n in some big ol' forest with daughters, SIL's and grand babies.  Those of ya that did get rain, you can thank old Billy Bob's "State Park un-rain dance" for your fortune.

Oh wait.....here that cherry chocolate birthday cake what the grand kids baked me up for my upcoming birthday....24th.....before and after.
 They done a perfect job....delicious.

 Me and SIL Matt went hunt'n last night wonst it got dark. Matt went on a stroll through the woods and come back talk'n bout see'n 9 armadillos. That boy got a eye for them critters. That's a record ya know. Then it weren't no time an' here come the raccoons....chomp'n on dog food, biscuits an' gravy and not ate up submarine sammichs.
They was climb'n in the trees....come out that high grass like a herd of starv'n vultures. It ain't easy shoot'n raccoons in the dark, but we got us a bunch of 'em.

Ok......here a coon.

Cute little bugger huh?

 Let's build us a big ol' condo......


  1. Well sure I knows what a raccoon is....sheesh!!! Ya think I';m some kind'a city slick or something like that? I were raise under a stump out in da woods. Sneaked up an' catched them raccoons with my bare hands. De-scented pole cats with a pocket knife. Catched bullfrogs with a butterfly net and catched butterflies with a flyswapper. I were a little heathern farmer boy.

  2. Looks like them grandkiddos are treating ya right! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. You are just slaughtering to be having fun?! Please clear this up for me.

  4. Shoot'n of the raccoons was done with a canon.....that's a Canon 16 megapixel 5 to 1 zoom digital camera.
    Ya surely didn't think ol' Billy Bob was shoot'n them with his .357 magnum. Oh no, no way.

  5. You and your family sure are having a good time. I think thats just great. Man the sandwich and cake sure look good too. Keep having fun on you early Birthday Party.