Friday, September 30, 2011

Port Aransas blackout

Have ya ever wake up an' it still dark outside......and ya don't know what day it is? Ya can't tell by look'n out a winder 'cause ya can't see nuttin. That what happen to me this morn'n. Scare hell out me.

Went off on a fish'n trip last night just for the hell of it and 'cause I was bored. Me an' Sadie Mae was sit'n out on the picnic table and she blurts out...."let's go for a ride". Or at least that's what I think she said. We jumps in "that jeep" and off we go to the beach....well not really the beach. We went to the jetties where they catch'n all them big ol' red fishes. Well, I knows for a fact that there are also big ol' trout in there, so's I break out my special Billy Bob altered dumpster dive trout fish pole. Ain't narry a one trout in there.....not one. See bout 4 leatherbacks (sea turtle) swim by on their way to Old San Juan Mexican restaurant...or somewheres like that. 

Then it got dark, really really dark. Load up and head to the Station Street fish'n pier. Ain't nuttin' in there neither 'cept'n for a buch of mullet and skip jacks. Have ya ever hear of a Tarpon? Well, a skip jack is a mini tarpon in disguise. Fight'n sum a gun.....go a hunnert mile a hour. That was fun for a while and then I got to think'n....cherry hot fudge. Oh Yeah!!! Next stop Dairy Queen. Then off to the Robert's Point fish'n pier. Sadie Mae done eat up half my sundae while I was check'n out the pier. Ain't no fish here neither. Back to "da house".

Weren't back to "da house" more 'an 30 minutes and pooooof.....City blackout. I mean there weren't no lights no wheres....for hours. Lady next door was outside with her little flashlight think'n she gonna fix a blackout. I tells her the entire City of Port Aransas is off an' she says......"Oh? Well how comes you got lights"? Then I have to splain to her how comes I got lights and the City don't. Don't think she believe my story 'cause when I go inside, she still fiddl'n with her breakers on the power pole.

Well, let me see what kind of nonsense I can get into today......sure would like to buy me something.

I were sit'n here think'n.....how far is it to Best Buy in Corpus Christi. So I jumps in "that jeep" an' check it out.
It were only 541.22 miles.....Oh wait....$542.22. Happy Birthday Billy Bob.
We gonna be "rock'n round da clock" now an' print'n up all kind of weird stuff with no wires.


  1. Amazing how a rig set up for boondocking mystifies folks.

  2. Let us know what you buy. It should be interesting if history holds.

  3. At least the dark didn't scare the daylighs out of you.

  4. Just how long is that timer on your camera BB? Lookin all calm with the boxes set up just right an all. Every time I try that, the damn thing clicks a picture of my ass.

  5. Hey, that's the Bose system I saw at Best Buy when we were shoppin. Good idea getting a printer with no wires. Solves that problem.

  6. Happy Birthday !

    Waiting to hear how you like the Bose......

    My dog,Uri, and I are coming down from MN in a week or two and will be boondocking on the Island. Had hoped you might give me some fishing pointers on how to set up my rod and reel and catch a Red.

    Deming will still be there.......


  7. I like a person who can celebrate their birthday for a month. Worked with a lady who did that, it was fun.
    And some of these responses your get are just as funny as you blog. always know where to go for some cheering up. either here or hobojoes.
    enjoy your bose system hope you don't blow out any windows