Friday, September 23, 2011

What to do in Paradise

Boy howdy let me tell ya, things chance as time rolls on. I'm talk'n bout a little fish'n village with a population of bout 600 when I first come to the Island to live. Half the streets was paved with caliche or how ever the hell ya spell it. Weren't no street lights to find your way home from the bars. If'n ya wasn't fish'n or at home, ya was at a bar get'n smashed. Everybody was a fisherman. But that was back in late 60's when Port Aransas was wild to the bone.

Those days are gone now. Condos in what ever direction ya look. Great big ol' tourist trap souvenir shops on every corner.  Laws and ordinances you won't find in a big city like Houston. Cops everywhere.....hid'n in cracks an' crannys....like cockroaches, wait'n to pounce on any infraction of the law. But Port Aransas is still the destination choice of hunnerds of thousands of tourists each year. During spring break ya ain't got a chance to make a left turn. Ya gotta make 3 right turns.

Ok, that's enough bout Port Aransas. What ya gonna do today Billy Bob?  Probably ain't gonna be do'n nuttin exciting today, but today is yet young.

4pm.....and it stayed young. Old Billy Bob just din't do a thing today. Call my nephew and con him to come visit his bestest uncle in the whole wide world. When I tell him how poorly "that jeep" is runn'n an' I had to go over there and pick up my vacuum pump.....well you know the rest the story. He be here in a couple hours. He's a good boy.

We gonna go out to Old San Juan's Mexican restaurant for supper tonight. Eat 'em up me some sizzl'n fajitas I bet ya. May even drink me up a ice cold draft beer. Ain't had one in over a year. Probably gonna get snockered....flat ass drunker 'an a skunk....on one ice cold draft beer. That would be cool.

Then I got to wonder'n.....what the hell is wrong with my blog? I been mess'n with it for the last week try'n to make it look more better. But it seems all I have done is run my customers off. Part I gonna blame on Blogger 'cause yesterday morn'n after I were mess'n with it, it didn't show my post till way in the afternoon. Then some weren't able to post a comment. That seems to be the case today also. Gonna be mess'n with blogger one more time....but not today.

Put that patch in "bubba boat". Boy howdy you talk bout stick. It gonna take a big ol' hammer get that thing off. Took bout an hour or so to get the old patch and that sticky glue off before install'n the new one. That sucker leak now, it go'n in the dumpster.Then I put that new part on the dash air for "da house". Weren't nuttin to it. Evacuate an' recharge and old Billy Bob is gonna be a "cool dude".

Tomorrow is my birthday ya know, so I'm think'n I gonna go to town and buy me up them toys I were talk'n bout yesterday.


  1. The first time I was in Port A was in Nov of 07. The last time was Aug of 11 and even in that short span the town had exploded in size and population.

  2. So crowded u can't even fish any more? lol,,,Was like that the last time i was in Galveston, went to the pier. Betcha that pier's not even there now.

  3. Let me wish you a happy birthday a little early. Are you going to tell us how old you are or do we need to guess? I bet is under a hundred. . .

  4. Well happy birthday to you. Maybe have two of them ice cold draft beers - makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

  5. I wish you a Very Happy Birthday Billy Bob. Enjoy your cold beer and anything else you want.

  6. Dad you cna buy me some toys too, my birthday is coming up. Oh by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY. love ya.

  7. Happy Birthday Billy Bob!
    Enjoy reading your blog I just don't leave comments.

  8. The coloring on ur blog makes it harder, (for me) to read. BUT, no matter what, i do it.
    U gotta feel good for ur birthday. Go out and celebrate!!! I'm gonna, in Nov.

  9. Happy Birthday (though I am few days late on here, I did wish you HB on FB)

    Your blog backgrounds are very pretty! I liked the one with the pencil sketches ... creative!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard