Monday, September 12, 2011

Go'n camp'n

Bruthas', sistas', lil' chillins'....step right up....see Joe Joe the dog face boy (Joe Joe is not directed at any one person in particular...it's just a name.....sheesh).
My daddy used to be a barker at the circus. But do you think he ever took me to the circus? Well hell no.

By the way I feel this morning, vacation must be almost over. Last night was one of the worstest nights I been through in months. Well, maybe not months....a week or so. I lay there toss an' turn all night long.....Sadie's butt in my face...."damn Sadie....MOVE". I got to think'n bout this an' think'n bout that....why this an' why that, hurt'n here an' hurt'n there......"damn Billy Bob...relax, everything gonna be just fine".

Have ya ever get down to the wire, bout ready to take off on a trip? Ya really don't wanna go? You're not in the least bit excited? That where I at this morning. I were watch'n all them other campers pack'n up yesterday morning and got to think'n...."why the hell did they come to the lake in the first place if they only gonna stay a day"? Friday evening they was set'n up camp, wimmins run'n round tote'n stuff, men crank'n jacks an' stuff, kids head'n for the lake....holler'n an' scream'n. Then Sunday morning, before I get down half a cup, they was pack'n up. One day....that all they got, one freak'n day. Now it's time for old Billy Bob to start pack'n up.

Now I have a decision what I got to ponder on for a bit. Do I put the Mississippi Riverboat in the lake or not? There ain't no wind so it ain't gonna blow away out to the middle of the lake. As everybody know, it took me a year to build this beautiful Mississippi riverboat and to see it float'n off across the lake with no way to save it....well, think bout it. Decisions, decisions, decisions......life is hard.

I cranks up the laptop this morn'n and I got Mobile Broadband internet connection....that's good ya know. Then.....I ain't got nuttin. Then I got National Access....that no so good ya know. Then my frigg'n computer lock slap up....won't do nuttin. Then Firefox is all screw up....not responding. Life is hard in the world of computer'n and post'n blog nonsense.

1pm.....put that boat in the water. All was well until.........

"HOLY SHIT Billy Bob, ya done went an' sinked da boat".

Don't suppose I have to explain anything, do I??? Well shoot.....if'n that drive belt hadn't broke, the damn boat wouldn't be upsidedown. I rekon I lost all the electronic doodads, battery and possibly the motor. Brung it home and wash all the mud an' stuff off it. When it dries, back on the shelf for the rest of my life. It was fun while it lasted.


  1. For some reason, I thought you were getting ready to head down south to visit with your son and all those grandkids. The weather is starting to turn cooler now and you should be able to drycamp some. Your son has probly broke that boat motor already and you will have to fix it again. How is that pesky neighbor doing .

  2. No River, go'n to Georgia never entered my mind this year. Although I would have probably catched me some fish.

    Last time I talk to old "pesky neighbor" Wayne, he was scoot'n round in a wheelchair do'n a hunnert mile a hour. He stared walk'n with one them walker thingys last week. Maybe he'll be home by the time I get back to Deming.....another month.

  3. Them damn boats! Ain't nothin' but trouble.

  4. Inks Lake still has water. Delaware Springs golf course between Marble Falls and Burnet needs players.

  5. What i was gonna say,,,was,,,it wanted the Mississippi. Didn't like that spot u put it in. Put on the ol belly up show. Want to see a pic of 'after',,now. U can always finish that plane, and fly. lololol...

  6. Hey BillyBob! I just tried your friend's trick of the potatoes in the microwave in a bowl of water... then into tin foil with some butter, spices and dab of oil on the grill..... YUMMMMMMM

    Worked out perfect and no wrinkly dried out shrively peelings or dried out taters!


    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Sorry about the river boat. Bet it ain't in as good of a condition as it was when I saw it down in Terlingua.

  8. What a sad boat story that is. That is too bad.