Sunday, September 4, 2011


Boy howdy, a brand spank'n new day. So far everything is go'n just like clockwork. No aches and pains, got a clear head, no spilt coffee grounds, sun shin'n....yup, it's gonna be a beautiful day.

I feel kinda bad after yesterdays post "whinn'n" bout the downside of get'n old. I thought about it all day yesterday to delete the whole mess and start over. But then I got to think'n (that nasty word again), my blog is my personal record of how I feel at that given time and what I didn't or did do that given day. I can go back and reflect, diagnose and look for ways to remedy or to change my lifestyle. It looks like a lifestyle change may be in order.

One comment yesterday was very inspirational to me in that my eyes were opened to the fact that I don't live alone. Well hell, I already knew that. But some comments hits at home. I'm not the only one having a rough go of it. I'm not the only one with his ass cheeks stuck to a chair wish'n to be active again. Thanks Mickey!!!

And then....along come HoboJoe. I think ya gonna like his blog and style. Give him a look see HoboRoad. Thumbs up!!!

Now....bout that damn "that jeep". Put the charger on there and in an hour took a spin round the park. Look the same it did the day before. Now why the hell was that brand spank'n new battery low? Sheesh, that why I change it in the first place. Oh....remember that water leak I were tell'n ya bout? Well maybe I fount it. Tighten a little hose clamp a full turn right over the top of where I see some water what had drip down. Did you know "that jeep" sound like a tractor? Damn that muffler is loud. Cherry bomb ya know. Sound like 4 Harley Davidsons com'n down the road.

With this cool weather upon us, I don't know what I gonna do with myself. Perfect day to launch the "bubba boat".....not really. The freak'n wind is blow'n up a storm....bout 8 mile a hour from the looks of the trees danc'n to an' fro. Caught me a big ol' native trout out a hole I named "danc'n sticks" up there in the north Georgia mountains.  Ya see, there was these old dead trees in the river what the river current make 'em dance. Lots of fish come out that hole. Big 'uns too.

Well I rekon I'll go outside and give that ol' chair a try this morn'n. Sip me up a cup and do some think'n.

Well shoot, whiles I were sit'n out there, I got me a delicious idea. Make something.....a project. Grab me up some old fiberglass stuff what I had lay'n round that I built my solar oven out of and I designed me up a "skeg" for the "bubba boat". Got it all cut out in 2 pieces so it be "strong like bull" and glue'n them together.....make 1 piece. Will monkey glue hole to fiberglass stuff??? Can't post any pics with the internet connection I got. Tried to post one yesterday and 10 minutes later I give up.  Maybe I'll try later. 

Well shoot....that didn't take long. Goes to show how much old Billy Bob know bout internet connections.
Man boy howdy is the wind ever blow'n now. Got little whirlybuggers come through my yard blow'n leaves everywheres. And I just rake them up a few days ago. Oh never mind, I just take a good look and they all gone....pooooof, just like that.

Bout lunch time now. Gonna make me up a great big ol' taquito....that pronouce tah-kee-toe. Now some people think of a taquito as a little finger size snack like what ya get at Walmart, but when old Billy Bob builds a taquito, it's a "fattie".....something like a burrito from Taco Bell. Hand full Jimmy Dean, couple slabs sausage and 2 extra large scrambled......Yum Boy howdy. A full meal deal....all roll up in a 8 inches tortilla. Almost fit in a 2 1/2 inch piece of PVC pipe.

Ok, so here I am again. Needed someone to talk to other than that dawg.
Some of ya might a been somewhat skeptical that old Billy Bob could build a sceg for the "bubba boat" on such short notice, but I want you lookie here.....project finished. Gonna go straight like a arrow cross that lake now......hunnert mile a hour. Put me some tires on there, pull right up on the beach. Don't be laugh'n bout them tires. Barney the OFM was tell'n me bout a cart to tote boats to the water. Well I already got it all plan out...."bubba boat" gonna have wheels. Ain't gonna be no 3 trips tote'n stuff. One trip get it all. Make it easy for an old man.


  1. What time is the cookout today?

  2. SS i missed ur blog yesterday. Maybe u missed my 9-2 one, explaining why i count my blessings EVERY day. And yeah, i'm on that down side of life, but....not so bad when i look around. Besides, i thot u did go a hundret mph when u burnt those holes in tha bubba boat. hahahahaha And that was catching that,,,"fish",,right?

  3. Cookout??? What you talk'n bout cookout?

    Trouble, I don't miss any blogs that stirr my tickle bone. Yes, I rekon we all should be count'n what blessing we got left. Just take a look around ya.....ain't got it so bad.
    You really don't think I caught a fish do ya? Well I most certainly did. So there!!!

  4. Probbly don't deserve 3 exclamation points Billy Bob, but it's a honor comin' from a writer of your caliber. Thanks!!!!! Glad to hear things are lookin' up today. I was just doing some thinkin' myself. A 8 mile per hour tailwind might mean you only gotta go 92 to get to a hunnert. Course it might be too early for me to be doin' any kind a thinkin.

  5. You needs a gasoline fired motor to go a hunnert, so you need to do what one of my boys did when he was a youngen. He put a prop on the end of a gasoline weedeater, got in the canoe, fireed it up, stuck it in the water, and went a hunnert across the lake. Trimmed a few water weeds, too.

  6. BB, The pics taken yesterday may not survive the computer crash so you will have to take my word for it. There are some very fishy looking spots above the dam here in EB. Yep Bubba Boat could get you there from the ramp. Bank fishing would get you in the same spot. Be safe.

  7. Found u a BIG red wagon huh. and, never a doubt in my mind u could build a skeg,,since i didn't know what u were talking about, glad i saw the pic. Now,,,for the rest of the story,,,the fish part. hehehehe,,,

  8. Glad you are back to your old self today.

    Like you say a blog is a personal record of how you feel in a given day and time, I am awfully glad you chose NOT to erase it.

    "that jeep" is like my dad's old car actually my mom's car as well, too problematic.