Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check out time....

Holy crap Billy Bob, do you see what time it is? Yeah I got up late again. Was expect'n to get up right bout 6am, but damn, it would still be dark out there an' ain't nobody in their right mind gonna be get'n up in the dark.

Yesterdays sank boat incident seems to gather quite a stir in the comments section. So I rekon I gonna explain. Ya see, that boat was do'n exactly what I designed it to do. But then whiles it was way out there in the middle of the lake, the drive belt to the wheel thingy on the back broke slap in two. Don't gonna go nowheres....just sit there. The slight breeze was enough to float that boat down there in amunst all them lilly pad thingys grow'n out the water. Well I ain't gonna walk out there and get my boat with all them freak'n turtles out there. No sir....they be like sharks. Or pirina (piranha) fish what eat toes and stuff. With my fish pole I can hook that damn sinked boat and drag it to shore. After a few (500 or so) casts, I hooks that boat and start reel'n. It hang up in them lilly pad thingys. I pulls some more and over she goes.....bottom side up. Eventually I get it to shore, take it to "da house", give it a bath an' set it in the sun to dry. Amazingly....nuttin is broke. Look like it never been in the water. Even though the electronics is bit the dust, the motor still works. Back to the draw'n board.

Boy howdy do I got some do'n to do if'n I'm gonna be on the road by noon. Got my route all figger out to head off to Steven F. Austin State Park....right bout 240 mile from here. Gonna go visit my daughter and grandyun'un's. Coffee pot gonna be on and all visitors is welcome to drop in to say "howdy". Probably gonna be an empty r/v camp'n site right next door.

Ok, gonna do a few things an' be right back after a little while.....

11:58am....all hook up and ready to roll. As I've mentioned a time or two, I may not have internet where I'm go'n.
See ya down the road......

3pm.....Boy howdy, don't know what happen but it hot'er 'an hell out there (109 by the little thermometer thingy hang'n outside). But that ain't nuttin.....my dash air done ain't work'n. It blow'n hot air bout 200 degs or so. Crank up the generator way back up the road a piece....3 hour ago, and it's still hot in here. I just happen to have a can of air conditioning revival juice, what I put in way back there, but in a hour, it were gone.....poooof, just like that. Hope the leak is in the same place it were a couple year ago. Cheap and an easy fix.

Just call the State Park....all good to go for the next 7 days.
See ya there......if'n I got a internet signal.

6:30pm......here I are....at the Steven F. Austin State Park. That's in Texas ya know.
I gonna tell ya right now, driv'n over two hunnert mile a day just wear ol Billy Bob slap out. The heat didn't help much neither. My God, it were hot.

Only see one fire on the way here....back up the road a piece bout a hunnert mile. Just off I-45 at Madisonville. Not IN Madisonville.....sheesh!!! Bout 5 mile east of Texas 90S. Now let some "know all bout fires" type a guy tell me a welder start it. Sheesh, he don't no nuttin bout weld'n.

That the best I could do for a pic roll'n down a tipsy turvy highway.

Kick back time......on "da porch" when it get a little cooler. Weather thingy says I gonna have a nice visit with the daughter and grandkids. Make 'em stay outside....that what I'll do.


  1. Why don't you stop here on your way south? I can make you coffee.

  2. Pretty darn good fishing there, BB.

  3. Dang Dizzy, I AM stopping there on my way south. SFAustin SP is there.
    Gonna catch me up a great big ol' catfish out the Brazos river.

  4. good to see you in up spirits and goals for travel, especially after the paddle wheel flip on it's maiden voyage. Great looking boat there. Did you build from scratch, or was it a "kit" of sorts? Enjoy the time with daughter and grand kids.

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  6. U mean that Brazos river has water? U gonna draw us up another pic of that great big cat fish after u catch it? Bet it'll be even bigger than that last one...

  7. If you come down I-45 you will be within 8 miles of me. If you try to go the back roads west of here, you may have problems because of the tri-county fires.

  8. Sorry about your paddle wheel boat it sure is a pretty thing.
    And now your a/c is blowing hot air in 109 degrees.
    Hope it all gets better as you go on.
    Good Luck

  9. The best leg of any trip BB, is go'n to visit ya some grandkids!

  10. Glad you made it to your campground. Have an enjoyable visit with your daughter and grandkids.