Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whoa is me...

Holy crap, I feel terrible this morning. But then, we all have mornings like this. Don't we???

Yesterday afternoon I done got me some shakes an' I were kind'a sort'a dizzy for a spell. Get it....dizzy spell? Well, things ain't no better this morning. Cain't blame it on what I ate 'cause I ate me up a big "fattie" taquito bout noon time. Cain't blame it on coffee 'cause coffee don't do me that way. Coffee peps me up, makes me alive, opens both eyes....makes me wanna do stuff.

Speak'n of coffee, my doctor always ask me how many cups of coffee I drink each day. What exactly does he mean by how many cups? When I make my first pot in the morning, I fill the water thingy to a bit over 6 cups, which by the way would be something like 36 to 40 oz's....right? Two cups later, my pot is empty. So when I tell him I drink 4 or 5 cups a day, how many cups did I drink??? Coffee should never ever be measured in cups. Take a look at your cup. Is it a 6 oz. cup, the standard measure for a cup of coffee, or is it a great big ol' 20 oz. jug like Billy Bob use?

Last nights fish'n excursion ended up just another 3 hour bout of feed'n turtles. I'm beginn'n to think....fish'n sucks. I reels this big ol' turtle up on the bank and he were fight'n mad. He had a death grip on my fish'n hook what I wanted back.....wouldn't let it go. Then I remember what Trouble was say'n bout thunder....so I whak that turtle slap on top his head with my needle nose pliers. He must'a thought lightning done struck him 'cause he let loose right now. Holy crap turtle, look what you went an' done to my fish'n hook. He done crush it down almost flat. Now that were one mean turtle.

Ok...."da porch" time, sip a cup and do some think'n.....


  1. hahahahaha,,,mean ol turtle. Now i know how to get em off my hooks.
    After i broke a mug the other day, i did have one more like it, sooo, i measured it to see how big it was, 13oz,,in case i need to replace it, i drink 2 a day, of coffee, my whole pot. lololol. I use a machine that makes into a carafe, not a glass pot. Its ready and waiting when i get up, ruins my whole day if i forget to set it up.

  2. I made my cup of Columbian this morning in a 16 oz cup. Put eight heaping spoonfulls of grounds in the filter and made me a GOOD cup of Joe. Now how many cups did I drink?

  3. I brought a coffee pot to work. Now let me tell ya, some dang ole fool went and broke it. So now i can't drink coffee during the day, man that makes me right mad at the doofis that broke my pot. So I can't tell you how much I beena drinkin at work these days.

    Now on to the turtles. New meaning for catch and release.

  4. Hope u could drink that cup before it got away,,,lololol DD.

    Nice guy, that calls for an arrest!!! U don't mess with a man's pot! lmaoooo

  5. I've been drinkin' at least a gallon a day since I acquired my new sleepless lifestyle. Bloggin and coffee, they was meant for each other.

  6. That turtle may never bite another bated hook on you. LOL
    Coffee yummmmmm I also use a carafe won't break and keeps the coffee nice and hot, but it doesn't last that long. Yep the bigger the cup the better don't have to jump up and down to refill it.
    Hope you get to feeling better.