Friday, September 16, 2011

Go'n shopp'n

Boy howdy, have I ever make a mess of things now. That what happens when ya ain't got nuttin to do and ya start mess'n with stuff.

My granddarter drawed a pic and I were gonna put it as the blog background. Then I see instructions, what I never pay no mind to. Well hell, this pic won't work no better than that "fish'n" one. So....I starts push'n them damn buttons again. "Now look what ya done Billy Bob".

 Boy howdy, them kids sure do grow up fast. Today we gonna go do some shopp'n. Buy stuff. Spend a hunnert dollar. Go to Taco Bell...eat tacos......yum! I thinks I'm gonna wear out well ahead of these barefoot young'uns. Little rednecks, that what they are. Just like their grandpa....and their mama, and their cousins, and their aunts and uncles.....yup, little redneck kids......make me so proud.

7pm.....yup, they wored out the old Billy Bob. Didn't take long neither. In fact, after Best Buy, I were ready to call it quits. Bought me up a little camera what will fit in my pocket. Canon something or anuther, 16 megapixels, 5 to 1 optical zoom, 4 to 1 digital zoom....but it ain't got no eye lookie through thingy. Back at "da house" I were try'n it out. I says to Angela, I don't like it already, it look fuzzy in that little screen. Then she take off the protective plastic thingy over the screen and walla....clear as a bell. She such a good girl.
More details in tomorrows blog post....I garontee ya.... ( how the hell ya spell Ga Rone Tee )?

Was a fabulous day till I wore slap out chas'n them grandkids all over the stores. Remember back a spell when I used to take my daughter shopp'n. Now she tak'n her daddy shopp'n. Cain't beat that wit a stik. She such a good girl.


  1. For your older post glad you found your trouble with the a/c and gas line leak. Hope you got them fixed.

    Your grandkids are adorable and I hope you had lots of fun with them.

  2. Very cute kids :)

    No doubt in my mind that they are going to wear you out.

    Have a lot of fun, enjoy them and make some good memories.

  3. Have fun with them, but don't try to do everything they want, you got the weekend to be with them, right? Now, why ain't they in school today?

  4. Angela found a baby sitter.

    did you fix your leaks?

    miss our talks....

  5. JoJo, it take me all day just to git the parts....I ain't fix nuttin. Had a wonderful day....yes 'um I surely did.

    Yes MsB, no doubt in my mind neither....wore me slap out.

    Actually Dizzy, we did just what was expected for today. Plan is for a tent out for the kids this week end with plenty homemade eat'n stuff. No fire though.

    Billy my boy, you only miss our talk'n 'cause you out run'n the streets. You always know where to find me an' I'm always anxious to hear from ya.

  6. Sure was a good day! I'm glad I can take you shoppin', seems like time does that to a parent. One day your kids are driving you to the ol' Walmart. It's a great thing.

    Well sure they wore you slap out. You got three motor mouths jabbering and jumping... They wear anyone out. They sure love spending time with their grandpa that's for sure.

    Oh and the reason they were out of school is what they call a Student Holiday. Staff preparation or something. A day for teachers to get their stuff together I guess. Good timing I say :)

  7. I soooo envy YOU. All those g/kids. I have ONE, and soo very glad she lives out at Buchanan Dam. Guess they're not ever gonna reproduce. lol.