Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get'n over sick....

Holy cows, I want you look'it them fish.

Yesterday was one them days ya want to forget all about. When I woke up yesterday morn'n, I thought I was dead for sure. Nuttin worked, stumbl'n around "da house", dropp'n stuff, try'n to brew me up a pot and make it to the couch before something serious happen. Don't know if'n it were something I ate or something I didn't eat. Salt air??? I was down an' out for the count.....just like that. Feel much better this morn'n.

Went off to the fish'n piers last night in hopes of catch'n me up some fish. Well crap, the lights don't work. The ones on "that jeep" is what I'm talk'n bout. When I turn them lights on I says...."are they on"? One was shin'n down on the ground an' the other one was shin'n straight up in the air. What the hell??? I never drove "that jeep" in the dark before, so I had no idea. By the time I got to the fish'n pier, I done had a hunnert people flash'n their lights back at me. Spend bout an hour at the Roberts point pier throw'n my pole in the water. Never catched a fish. In fact, nobody catched a fish.

Today I got to head off to Corpus Christi and look for some parts. Need to run over to Sinton, bro in laws el ranchito, and pick up my vacuum pump for the dash air on "da house". Sure would hate to drive all the way back to Deming, 800 mile, with no air cond. 

Ain't got nuttin more to say right now.....so I'm off. Laters

Well here I am back from the big city. To my surprise, I fount my parts in no time flat. Then I says...."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob". I gusee I could run down to Best Buy an' get me an extension cable for my hunnert year old printer. Holy crap....them cables is way too much $$$$. Then I went an' look at some brand spank'n new printers. Well Howdy Doody, they all wireless, do all kind of fangle stuff on 'em an' cost less than a hunnert bucks. Now I fount me one I really like. All purty an' stuff. But I says...."wait a gal'd dern minute....I don't need that". Then I goes over there an' looks at sound systems. Boy howdy let me tell ya, I fount one I really like. It were all purty an' stuff too. It were a high dollar ($400) Boze system what knock your doors slap off. Now that what I'm talk'n bout. Then I got to think'n...."do I really need to knock doors off"? Spend 2 hours in there and ain't bought a thing. But I know what I want if'n I go back.

Then I headed off to Harbor Freight....just look'n ya know. Bought me up a brand spank'n new set of refrigeration guages since I don't know where my old ones is at.

So old Billy Bob had hisself a successful day in Corpus Christi. Got what I went for an' fount a couple toys what I want to make me happy.


  1. I blame my bro B for ruining my speakers for the rest of my life!!! When he bought,,get this,,a used set at the hock shops in Killeen, of Boze. Ruined me forever.

    n ever

  2. I think there is some kind of bug going around that only hits us older folks. I felt like crap yesterday too and so did some of my friends. glad we feel better today.

  3. Dad what fish you talking about? All I see is the head lights for the da jeep.