Saturday, September 3, 2011

A new dawning???

NO, No and no.

Ok, so I slept in this morn'n. Got lot's on my mind and no wheres to start. This day is all downhill, I can see right now. This ain't gonna be a good day. Oh yeah, it's beautiful outside, nice and cool sit'n inside, but when ya feel like you're world is clos'n in on ya, there is no beauty and there is no comfort.

Today Billy Bob ain't too happy. But the day has just begun....things have been known to change. Ya see, it's like this.....I was think'n last night. I've always been a thinker and a do'er of some sorts.....ya know. Think bout this, think bout that, do this, do that.....you know what I'm talk'n bout. But dag blame it....(that ain't the words I use to describe my situation), old Billy Bob is up against a wall...in a corner, with no way to turn. I've used up all my youth in the last 70 years and all I have left is my dying days to look forward to....what ain't what I had in mind. To sit back "do'n nuttin" ain't so bad when you're able to do stuff, but to sit back "do'n nuttin" when that's all you can do....now, that sucks.

What I'm get'n at here is the ago old "whinn'n" bout things I can't do no more. Take this trip for instance. It was planned to be a hair raising adventure, motorboat'n round in a hunnert mile a hour blow up speedboat on the lakes of Texas. Well yeah, here I am on my 4th Texas lake and ain't done a hunnert mile a hour yet. Almost sunk one time, but that was an unplanned experience. I've figger out that at 70 year old, ya ain't get'n no younger....ya gotta give up some them things you so dearly love to do. Or want to do. When there's no easy way to do it, ya got to either give it up and take up knitting or hurt yourself try'n to do it. Some choice HUH?

When I finally crawled out of bed this morning bout 8am, I knew I was in for a bad day. I had'a pee so bad I thought I were gonna blow up. At the same time I had one them leg cramps. Then spill coffee grounds all over the floor. Step in a sticker burr what Sadie brung in "da house". Jump in the shower.....holy shit, that water cold. That how I started my day. Any questions????

Well here it is noon already. Ain't done a thing. 102 degs outside. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? I suppose I could take a ride around the park....see what all the other campers are do'n this Labor Day weekend. I know one thing, they sure are noisy and have no respect. Neighbors two doors over was still at it strong at midnight.....laugh'n and hee haw'n....kids run'n round scream'n top their lungs. At midnight, mind you. I swings open the door and holler top my lungs..."HEY, SHUT THE Fk UP". All was quiet....for bout 5 minutes. That was funny. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I walk in a biker bar and yell them same words. Boy howdy, I never do that again.  Remember "tinker bell"??? Same bar. You crazy Billy Bob.

Now see, this is what I'm talk'n bout. The battery was down on the "that jeep". Won't start....jist go.....grrrrrr.


  1. I happened onto your blog a couple weeks back, just never commented before. I gotta say, this is the most enjoyable readin' I've found in a good while. Guess we're all dyin' one day at a time and I hope you get goin' a hunnert mile a hour in your blow up boat one a these days. If it's any help, just visualizing that is enough to keep me going for another day.

  2. I know the feeling, always been a doer. At age 63 I took down a 3ft. diametey 75 ft. high pine over a friends house in NY. At 68 I took down about same size Oak next to my house, took longer as it took 45 minutes to climb to the top, took them down from top. Today if I can't do it sitting down I basically don't do it. I did test myself a couple days ago by taking down 3 smaller trees but didn't have to take them down from the top, last one took me a while to get down as pain/ambition level after the first two kept me wondering.
    One thing I found out, Thursday I was on the phone with a friend I went to high school with, haven't seen or talked with him since '66 but that conversation seems to have helped me look at the future a bit different. He still dances, I can't walk, I still get around and will go visit with him in the near future. People, friends,memories and laughter do a lot for me. Hoping to go spend some time at the slabs this winter, been a few winters in Yuma but never at "Slabs" so that will be a new experience and I'm looking forwards to it.
    Keep the faith, a lot of people would like to be doing what you are doing so little as it seems to you it is still somebody's dream.

  3. Hobo, sure am glad you fount my blog "cause there ain't no way I would'a ever fount yours. Yeah, I went an took me a look see what ya all about.
    Thumbs up to ya......great read'n.

  4. If'n you want to go a hudred mph in that bubba boat, just take an icepick with you, go out in the middle and head it to shore. Punch two holes in the back and hold on. Jet powered babba-boat. Don't feel bad, it just took me three days to take my old hot water tank out. Resting today, maybe in a day or two I will start trying to get the new one in.