Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stink bait....

I'm gonna try this thing a little different this morn'n. This may be the shortest blog I ever wrote. But first, there a few things on my mind.............

I were tell'n my son the "mr nice guy", what he really ain't, about blogs going to the top when they are posted. Over there in "My Blog List" is what I'm talk'n bout. Did I ever tell bout the time....I went to the toy store to buy up some "tuff", "strong like bull" toy trucks for the boys. Tonka toys. Big 'uns....man size. Billy, mr nice guy, destroyer of all, was presented with a dump truck....only one moving part. Ain't no way he gonna break just one moving part. I swear to God, it weren't 2 hour later and that truck were slap broke in two pieces. Sheesh!!!
But that ain't what I were talk'n bout, is it? But it do have something to do with my son chang'n stuff, push'n buttons...never satisfied with the way it come out the package. My first suggestion to him is...on the create post screen, make sure "Post date and time" is on automatic. Ya gotta click Post options for that. Next make sure you have the correct time set. Where ya do that...I have no freak'n idea.

Ok, the next thing of importance this morn'n is...."bubba boat" gots a flat tire. After tote'n that thing down to the lake, install'n the motor and battery....three trips I'm tell'n ya...three trips down to that lake, and that air tube thingy ain't got no air in it. That's it....gonna roll that sucker up and put it in the back of "that jeep" till I find the right kind of patch'n material. "That's all I have to say bout that".....GUMP.

Now let me tell ya bout that fish'n. What the hell am I do'n fish'n for catfish in a turtle farm? Some old feller comes by and says...."ya catch'n any"??? Well hell no I ain't catch'n any. Then he say...."here, try this bait". I opens it up and HOLY CRAP....that stuff smell like something die in there. That was the most god awful smell'n stuff I ever smell. And it don't catch no fish. Oh, did I tell ya bout the humongous freak'n turtle I hook in the back foot? Don't know how that happen, but I want my hook. I figgers it safe to just pull him up on the bank, take my needle nose pliers and take that hook right out. Did you know a snapp'n turtle can lick his ass or take a finger off if'n ya attempt to remove a hook from his back foot? Damn!!!

The fish what got away. I were sit'n there sip'n a cup....just mind'n my own business, when here go my fish pole head for the water. I grabs holt that thing and starts reel'n. Oh boy, got me a big'un. Right up to the bank I reel what look like a hunnert pounder....well maybe closer to 5 pound. Then he give one them rolly polly moves and was gone....pooof, just like that.

1pm.....Just got back from get'n totally lost. I were on this road (751) go'n to Wills Point  when I realize I were go'n the wrong direction. But like I aways say, all roads go to the same place. Then I stop by a little convenience store an' bought me up some "stink" bait and some "punch" bait. Now I are gonna catch me up a whopper for sure. My god, that stuff do stink something terrible. Stop by the hardware store....fount me some wheels, axle shaft and pvc pipe for "bubba boat". Well hell no I didn't buy them...."bubba" is tak'n a nap. Oh yeah, fount me some "O" rings for the drive system on the Mississippi Riverboat.
Ok, I gotta go do some fish'n.....laters


  1. Well daddy, you have to rip the lips off that thing. set the line.
    About the settings I'm set on the eastern time zone and the other thing is right to I guess it was working.
    Now the ole Tonka Trucks those were probably made in china and not in the Good ole USA. I don't understand how that truck got broke I was only 6 months or something like that.

    Take that shoot gun down there puts the barrel in the water and fire. The percussion of the blast will knock those suckers out and you can get them when the float to the top.

  2. Maybe time to contact the mfg for a patch kit or new bladder.

  3. I enlarged the picture of the boat and have to agree with Mr.nice Guy - it looks inflated. But I wouldn't get in that boat and out into any water that has snappin turtles in it!

  4. Barney, the last time I was checked, Sevylor no longer has the patch kits. The bladder I also heard on some forums is no longer available. But I did find my tires, axle and stuff. But since "bubba" is gonna take a long nap in the "that jeep", didn't purchase.

    Well sure it looks inflated....but it ain't. I would drown for sure.

  5. Don't you know you gotta stick you big toe in the lake and wiggle it all around. You will get a bite for sure.

  6. lololol,,,stink bait's been around forever, but i never used it. Gimme worms, minnows, shrimp, livers, whatever,,,But,,GL
    IF you ever catch any of those cat fish, when r u gonna have the fish fry?

  7. Hey Billy Bob, maybe you could doodle up one of them snappin' turtles gettin' a hook removed from his back foot. Sure would like to see that.