Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One more week....

I were lay'n round get'n over "humid-titis" and got to think'n...."ya better stay another week". Ya see, it's like this, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to get done. Yesterday was a complete waste other than the cherry hot fudge sundae I ate up last night. Let me tell ya bout that sundae. I tell the girl I want a LARGE cherry hot fudge sundae. The girl was completely confused. "We don't have cherry hot fudge sundaes". I says HUH??? (the sign shows all the flavors, including the two I want, cherry and hot fudge). After I explain to combine the two ingredients she says...."Oh, I didn't think of that". Then she says, "what size would you like"? HUH? I just tole you....LARGE. Then she says...."ok, one large strawberry and chocolate sundae....right"? HUH? Finally after management intervention, I get my large cherry hot fudge sundae......damn. It were good too.

Went off to the fish'n pier an' chunk my pole in the water a few times. WHOA.....what was that? Something done bite my fish'n lure. Then he bite it again. Then he bite it slap off. When that happen I know what it was. A damn ribbonfish. And ya don't eat ribbonfish.

So I pack up my fish pole and head back to "da house". One light shine over here and the other one shine over there. Got to get that fixed.

Had two days of wind and humidity. Boy howdy let me tell ya.....salt everywhere. The "da house" is covered with a thin layer of salt. The "that jeep" is covered with a layer of salt. Can't see out the winders. Everything sticky. Sweat like a hog eat'n slop an' smell like a goat. Why the hell do people vacation on the beach?

Went to the hardware store yesterday and bought me up some stuff to put wheels on the "bubba boat". They probably gonna lay in the back of "that jeep" and rot.

Ok....got things to do......laters.

See there? Didn't I told ya?
What ya see there is a Billy Bob Engineering "bubba boat" redneck boat trailer. One trip to the water is all it gonna take. Load up all my stuff, pick up the other end and tow that sucker right down to the waters edge. Go out an' catch me up some fish. Yeah.....that what I'm talk'n bout.
So far the patch is holding on the air tube what I burn two holes with a smoke. "No smok'n in da boat Billy Bob".


  1. I always have wondered why in the hell people vacation at the beach. Give me the cool mountains!

  2. Now, how the heck are you going to get all that salt washed off everything. I was thinking that you were an old salt anyway. Didn't you live on a boat for a spell?

  3. Gypsy, I got to agree with ya 100%. My reason'n for coming to Port Aransas is to "take care of business", what can be done in half a day.

    Dizzy, I gonna hook up two water hoses and rinse off what I can. Then when I go to Ga. next year, I'll have one of the boys wash "da house".

    Lived on a sailboat for 7 1/2 years. Was known as Barnacle Bill back then.

  4. Aint no such thing as a wasted day when it ends with a cherry hot fudge sundae. Nope, that sounds like a real good day to me.

  5. By the way Barnacle Bill, I used to live on a sailboat in my younger days back in the mid 70's, an old Columbia 33. Even raced in 2 Transpacs from CA to HI.

  6. OOO BOY,,a pic of a fish,,u caught!! hahahaha
    Hate that grimy, greasy, sticky stuff that gets all over everything,,at the coast. How do ppl stand it?
    Workers getting worse. Can't make change either. even simple change. I always look in my to-go stuff,and 9 times outa 10, it's wrong. See signs everywhere, misspelled. Public ones, i'm talking about. This is our future. Woe are we,,,lolololol.

  7. I think you folks have about talked me out of going down to the coast for the winter.

  8. Nice job on the boat tote. Your a clever man Billy Bob.