Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blanket weather...

Oh my God, what a change in weather. Here I were sit'n here a couple day ago piss'n an' moan'n how hot it was and then I wakes up this morn'n....it were cold. Not so cold (59 degs) that I would complain and head off to warmer weather, but cool enough for a couple little goosebumps. "where yer jammies Billy Bob"?

Was do'n some doodl'n last night while sit'n out there on "da porch". Tell me old Billy Bob don't catch no fish.

Took me a tour to Wills Point yesterday afternoon for a few items I were out of from the grocery store. The main street was paved in brick, what ya don't see much now days. The grocery store was a modern facility with modern prices. My God, maters was $2.99 a pound. Nice little town. In fact, kinda looks like what I been look'n for. Wonder if'n they got a golf ball swak'n place. That's all I really need ya know....and a Walmart. Well I already check out bout the Walmart....got one right down the road a piece....maybe 10 mile or so.

Went fish'n last night. Well hell no I didn't catch no fish. Had me a nice walk up and down that boat ramp bout 4 time. Then walk down the bank bout quarter mile or so chunk'n lures in the water. Fount me an old bait bucket what I decided to open up and see what was inside. Holy cows, it were full of old dead stink'n minners of some kind. Boy howdy let me tell ya, they stinked. It's a good bait bucket....high dollar, but what the hell would old Billy Bob do with a bait bucket. Left it there for them minners to cook in the sun some more.

Gotta run up to the park headquarters here in a bit....or what ever it called. Pay for another week at beautiful Tawakoni State Park. I think'n I might move "da house" over there to another camp site. There's a path what leads right down to the water. Hmmmmmm.....gonna have to think on that some more. Walk'n distance to the fish'n and not too far to tote the "bubba boat". What ya think???

Ok....things to do ya know....be back laters.

That settles that. Walk over there and look that other site. Yup, that will work. Took the laptop over there and yup, got a internet signal. Probably bout the same as here, so move is in progress. Soons that guy get his junk out my yard.
Boy howdylet me tell ya.....don't let no volunteer desk lady do your paperwork. Why that lady had me scheduled for a camp site 500 mile from here, charge me double the first time and not enough the second time. Wore the numbers slap off'n my credit card  go'n through that machine so many times. But anyhows....I'm settled into my brand spank'n new campsite (probably $500 in debt), got the awning out, "da porch" is set up and went fish'n.

 While I were throw'n lures in the water for that elusive "grande" mouth bass, my other fish pole takes off. Now what I mean by takes off, I mean it were headed for deep water....right across the bank
.....zoooom, just like that. A hunnert mile a hour. Holy crap, old Billy Bob's heart were pound'n like something feirce...."OH, my fish pole....my brand spank'n new fish pole". Grabs holt to it, reels it in and it weren't nuttin but a big ol' catfish. Can ya eat catfish??? See a big ol' carp swim'n round out there....could'a knock him slap in the head with a rock. Can ya eat carp???

Ok....done got me way too much sun sit'n out there wait'n for a fish. End up with lobster legs again like I done over there at Inks Lake. Where my aloe vera and sunscreen??? Good stuff for sunburn if'n ya didn't know.


  1. That aint no doodle, that there is art. Dang Billy Bob you got all kind a talents.

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  3. Wills Point ain't just a nice little town, it is a great little town. That is where my Daddy was born and grew up. Where I spent all most all of my growing up summers with my grandparents. Except for maybe a dozen or so stores down town is still the same as it were 30 or 40 years ago.My granpa had about an acre of garden about three blocks east of down town. We would be picking veggies and digging taters at daylight every other day and then loading it on his big red wagon and take it to the grocery store to sell.

    For golf swacking places around there lookie here.>>>http://www.texasoutside.com/golf/easttexas.htm

  4. Ball swackin, Picaso, Angler, and just a fixer upper... That be my Daddy.

  5. HEYYYY,,,Bob's granpa had a big red wagon.. lololol,,And BB, see ur dreaming again. That the fish that got away? Made u burn ur bubba boat?
    Been sorta concerned about ur camp site, in that thicket. Hope the new one is more open. Fires scaring me now.

  6. Hey that's a pretty good doodle but why is BB smoking in that drawing...no smoking in Bubba boat!!

  7. You didn't eat that cat fish? Bout the only kind i've ever eaten. Carp, no. Throw em behind you. Like that new place.
    BTW, where are you today?