Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eat at McDonalds, I'll never do that again...sheesh!!!, thought I was gonna die.

It don't really make much matter what I say.....I'm gonna change my mind at some point down the road a piece.
"Jist you wait an' see, he will".

When what I have to say, is used as a talk'n point to the opposite of how I feel in a attempt to make me feel better, that ain't right. I think in reality, of things go'n on around me, not some rare occasion that I might live forever. It don't work that way. This is 2015, people live longer than they did a few years back. But that sure as hell don't mean "everbody" is gonna live a healthy life to see 100. If'n I ain't somewhat healthy, I don't want nuttin to do with it. I'm look'n, cross'n fingers an' shit, to see a "happy" 85, but if'n things don't change in my life....well you know how that's gonna works out. Git over it. I'm just like everbody else.

I've knowed plenty people that lived up into their 80's....an' longer. So what's the big deal bout that? If'n ya lay in your death bed in pain for 10 years, what is the accomplishment? 

Great grandpa John, 91. Grandpa, 93. Dad, 85. Uncle Luke, 85. Aunt Myrt, bout 84..??. Last time I talk to Aunt Evelyn....94. That's the "P" side of the family. All in aches an' pains. An' there's still a couple of us left.

I've said this before an' I'm gonna say it again...when I had my open heart surgery, they killed me. Ha, I 'member that nice nurse tell me I was gonna be a grand spank'n new man after surgery. Sure do wish that girl could see me today. I freak'n got old overnight....pooof, just like that. Stuff pop'n up all over the place what ain't supposed to happen until after you dead. But then I'm 73 year old. That's right on the edge of OLD. ...things happen when ya get old. Ha...."shit happens".
BUT.....I ain't nearly as bad as some other "old folks" I know in their 60's an' 70's. These ain't rare occasions...they reality. I ain't skeered to think in reality.
"What the hell did I just say"????

While I'm on the subject, I'm not skeered to pass on, an' it don't bother me a bit to talk bout it. No I'm not complain'n bout "that day" like some people think. Shoot, I've done bout everthing I ever wanted to do....an' then some. Well wait a minute, I ain't broke 80 on the golf'n course an' I ain't got my first "hole in one" yet. Now there are rare occasions, I might complain a bit once in a while bout all these damn aches an' pains I got go'n on. Ha, us old folks do that ya know. I asked a few old men on occasion, "how ya do'n" or "how are ya"? My god, it took 'em a hour to 'splain to me how they was do'n. Don't never ask a old folk how they do'n.

Alice project.....
I don't like the color. Period, I don't like the color. Tiffin Motor Homes ain't NEVER painted a motorhome this color. See that tan building over there, that's the right color. But....that color ain't available in spray cans.
See what I'm talk'n bout???

Oh stop yer bitch'n. Until this project is finished, I'll be post'n pictures an' do'n me some talk'n bout it.
I went to the auto parts store yesterday. Look'n at stick on pinstrip'n. They don't got what I need. Not even close. And Alice has got to have pinstriping. But anyhows, I don't like that color. I'm tak'n a slight break on Alice to do some think'n bout that. Before pinstriping is installed, I can repaint. After..."no way Jose".

Oh yeah, I went to Walmart an' the Shell station yesterday. A very nice comfortable enjoyable ride. Now let me tell ya...don't ever, don't never, eat a hamburger at McDonalds in a Walmart. That $6 dollar meal deal, the hamburger was the same size as a "dollar menu" hamburger ya get at Burger King. Love my Burger King. An' it taste terrible.....cardboard meat. I did me some alka seltzer 3 times last night before my stomach calm down. Got my meds an' I got me a inspection sticker on the "billy jeep". I'm good for another month on meds an' a year on the inspection. I know how to fix shit....Yeeee Haw!!! Brake light light right up when that guy push the brake peddle. Thank ya very much Mr. Google.

It's a nice day outside this morn'n. A few more degs out there, you gonna find me outside sit' in a camp chair sip'n up a cup. Shoot, I could even do a warsh job on the "billy jeep". Today IS Thursday right? The next cold front is due this afternoon. Brrrrrrr....I can hardly wait. More damn winter cold weather for a couple days. But let me tell ya bout Sunday an' Monday. Try 80 degs. Not only is that perfect spring weather, it's perfect weather for a great golf'n day. Now if'n I was to find me a partner to meet up at the golf course Monday morn'n....hint hint. I would even furnish that partner with a wonderful Mexican dinner at the eat 'em up Mexican food eat'n place. Hint hint!!!
Ok, I'm gonna go outside. Sip me up a cup an' do me some think'n.

Oh wait, somebody ask me the name of the ship I was on dur'n the Cuban Crisis (1962). It was the USS Dupont DD 941 out of Norfolk Va.



  1. Even though the base color is a little off, once you get all the stripes and trim painted, it may not be as noticeable.

  2. Alice looking pretty fine, some pin striping and she look wonderful. Maybe Walmart got your color? Pep Boys? No Mc Donald's for me except their salad is good. Burger King now love their Whoppers!
    Think OFM Barney be calling you soon. Love those temps coming up.

  3. Replies
    1. your comments are always welcomed at Billy Bob's Place. No reason to be sorry.

  4. Some pink in your paint needed - but you're using spray, right?

    Another storm? What? I just got 6 more inches early this morning. Totally worn out and disgusted with this messy weather. Try washing a bushel of snowballs off a bunch of dog feet - I'm ready to drop dead from that exertion..

    Yeah, that 'Mic-Donal' food is nasty stuff. I'd be happier with couple saltine crackers.

    BB, unless we strictly follow doctor's advice after such surgery, we aren't going to feel better for long. I know; I didn't and now I'm gasp, gasp, gasping for breath - now, where did I put that lighter?

  5. Hint Hint. I will not know until Sunday afternoon late if golf is in the forecast on Monday. Sunday is moving day if EVERYTHING other folks are supposed to do works out. If it doesn't happen right who knows what fiasco will evolve. But I am healed enough to play.

  6. If you go to a automotive paint store they will mix any color you want and put it in a spray can for you.

  7. i was just gonna suggest what Riverhauler said.... but you probably already knew that, eh?

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