Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Well yes I can build bumpers.....what ya think I am, stupit or something?

Ya know what???? I git tired of hav'n to sweep this damn floor every single day. This ain't right.
When I inspected the floor sweep'ns, it contained a accumulation of dog hairs, an' you know how hard it is to sweep dog hairs. There was a pile of grass clip'ns. You know how Sadie Mae goes outside an' rolls in the grass. There's wood shavings from where I been work'n on Alice. I carve wood over my lap an' not over the trash can. Bread an' cookie crumbs. Ummm Yum  Yum....love them chocolate chip cookies with a big ol' glass of ice cold milk.
Anyhows, the floor is sweeped again, but could use a good mop'n. Probly not today.

Now, bout them eggs. Ain't everbody as particular bout their food as the old Billy Bob is. Ya see, if'n it don't look good, or should I say pretty, I ain't gonna eat it. An' I'm gonna bitch an' moan. I know how to cook a damn egg. That is if'n I got the right equipment (cast iron). In 2015, I don't have the right equipment. An' I know how much heat is required to cook a perfect egg. But, as we age, we sometimes forget there's a egg cook'n in the skillet......sometimes even forget why we are even in the kitchen. The egg is toast!!!

Decided again yesterday that we wouldn't work on the "Alice" project. That worked out really well. Got me a bunch of outside time....walk around the yard....even think bout warsh'n the "billy jeep". No I didn't warsh the "billy jeep" Just think'n bout it made me tired. Had to go sit down an' do me some think'n bout it. Played with the burritos (little donkeys) an' throwed sticks for Sadie Mae to go fetch. Ha, like Sadie Mae is gonna fetch ANYthing. Yesterday was a perfect day.

Back inside, I did my "ain't got nuttin better to do" computer stuff. Research'n an stuff like that...Facebook drama an' look'n for some good Yahoo news. "Hey, lookie here"....a little piece of property on Burnet, Texas. A very tempting piece of property. Bulldozer not required. Right on a stream/creek/crick or what ever (depend'n on what part of the country ya come from) flow'n into Lake Buchanan. Remember Inks Lake??? It's right there too. But.....restrictions....damn restrictions only allow a mobile home or stick house construction. But that's Ok, Burnet does NOT have a Walmart anyhows. No Walmart, no Billy Bob.

Then I was just sit'n here with nuttin to do. Hmmmm, is there a possibility I can build me some bumpers. Well sure I can....an' I did. With a heat sealing iron, I bended me some 1/8 inch plastic to fit "Alice". Hmmmmm, wonder if'n I can cover the bumpers with some that chrome airplane covering stuff? Yup, I can do that too.

 I'm think'n they look pretty dad gum good for "scratch build".

As much as I hate it, I may make me a trip to Walmart here in a little bit. Got me a list started up with bout 30 items on it. Bout half a dozen "play" stuff. The rest groceries. I also need to get the "billy jeep" inspected before the end of the month. Ha....an' my freak'n insurance is due on the 26th. Then I got to go through the same thing for "Sally da house". But not before September.

I wonder if'n anybody remembers when I got the last Texas state inspection on "da house". Remember all the hassle I went through to get that damn thing? It's still on the windshield. But my god, don't tell nobody.

Yesterday I didn't take no aspirins of Advils in the morn'n. Just a test ya know. Right at bout 6pm I done figger "I got to take me up some aspirins". This morn'n, I feel like somebody beat hell out me with a bulldozer. All other ailments are in check.

I got to think'n bout that bicycle I gave to nephew Frank. If'n he ain't interested in it, I could buy me a electric motor for it an' hang it on the back of the "billy jeep". But like that dad gum airplane, it would never fly. Anyhows, Frank changed his tune after I said I would blow it to smithereens.

Well shoot, I rekon this is it for the day. I know it ain't much, but at least I'm do'n something. Even if'n it ain't excit'n an' adventurous.  


  1. "Ain't much" A really good post if'n you ask me. Had me chuckling some too. Your kitchen antics are exactly like mine - oh, could I write a book on that! Then another book on my outdoor 'heatin' antics....FIRE stories, you know? Anyways, keep the words coming, BB, you're a highlight in my day.

  2. Them bumpers looking pretty good, ya know!

  3. good work on the model. keep sittin and thinkin and you;ll come up with something to do. most important keep doing a daily post to connect with the world.

  4. Those bumpers look really fantastic! You're good, Billy Bob.

  5. Going to have to have inspection before getting state tag starting this March. Only one sticker now.
    Four Walmarts around Burnet. Depends on where the property is located. It won't be in town anyway.

  6. I sure am liking those "scratch built" bumpers! Job well done!