Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paint an' body shop blues

Holy cows.....paint stinks. Paint also curdles....itty bitty bumps where it's supposed to be slick like a baby's butt cheeks. My time spent at the paint shop went well.....that is until I see these little bumps show up all over the side of of the new paint job on Alice. Alice was loaded back on the flatbed trailer an' returned to the body shop for the removal of her "diaper rash" paint job. Man boy howdy, that was some tedious work. The paint drys at a fast rate, so the sand'n, sand'n, an' sand'n was not too bad. Come out better than expected. A new coat of paint was applied an' you'll never see it. Looks good from my house.
Oh Oh....baby's butt cheeks is got a pimple or two. Damn....

But, all them dad gum paint fumes, they make me sick. An' when I get sick, I take a nap. My god, I musta sleep 6 hours yesterday afternoon an' early even'n. With a wonderful supper in between. At bed time (1am), I weren't at all sleepy. Watch some crap on the TV an' when them 10 minute commercials come on, I do me some sip'n up a cup, fire'n up a smoke an' do'n me some indepth think'n. My god, I'm think'n till 3:30am an' I still ain't sleepy. Caffeine does not effect my sleep patterns. But "hot" stuff do. Shoot, I 'member a time I fall slap asleep with a hot cup in my hands. Spill that hot stuff on my lap an' come wide awake in nuttin flat.

Anyhows, all that think'n last night didn't do nuttin but give me a slight case of depression to start off another day with.

Now, bout the old Billy Bob build'n the "Coyote" (41' Formosa Ketch sail'n boat). The hull, there is no way in hell I could ever build the hull an' make it look right. I said yesterday that there are plans online, but they ain't really plans like you would find in a boat build'n place. The hull of "Coyote" was fiberglass an' the hull of the model would also be fiberglass. Get'n the same shape on both sides....Oh my god, how do ya do that? The cost for materials an' remote control equipment would be sit'n right on a $800 or $1000 bill.
Think'n here...a model of "Coyote" will be put on hold. Much more research needed.
"A helicopter Billy Bob, build a helicopter".

At 43 degs, that's cold for south Texas. When the earth split an' formed the Gulf of Mexico, winter cold was not in that picture. We should have tropical weather, not freak'n cold winter weather like up north. You know, like over there is south Florida where ya wear shorts all year long. One good thing though, we ain't in the minus temps like the rest of the country. I can live with this.  Brrrrrrr, I'm freez'n slap to death.

Ain't nuttin excit'n happen yesterday. Well, my supper was a bit excit'n. I was sit'n here think'n what to make out of a pound of hamburger. A light come on....hamburger cream of muchroom mac an' cheese casserole. I can do that, an' I did, an' it come out super good. Ate me up two plates that stuff....an' I don't eat two plates nuttin. Breaked up chocolate chip cookies with peaches in heavy syrup over 'em...that was my dessert. We eat good at Billy Bob's house.

Ok, it's late, I got to find me something to do. Laters....



  1. Billy Bob you cookin' up a storm, yep you feeding yourself we, great comfort food.
    Good luck with "Coyote"

  2. Billy Bob - it was 30 degrees in Orlando, Florida last week, when we had 70s in Houston. Yes, I agree with you - I don't like the cold either, but it is winter, and February is traditionally our coldest month, so it's all uphill to the warm from here. And I'm mighty glad I'm not even close to being a Yankee this winter - brrrrr! A nice little fire in my fireplace makes things look awful purty!
    And supper sounds purty good, too. You and Hubby kinda put together some strange stuff sometimes, but his cold pasta salad over hot brown rice was excellent last night. Nothing I would ever think of doing, but throw some French fried onions on top, and it was umm-umm, boy howdy (as someone we all know and love says) good!

  3. Dang, I would stand in line to eat at Bill Bob's café. Boy that casserole sounds oh so gooooood.

  4. If there is a lofting of the ketch' s hull online, I suspect there must be an entrepreneur online who, using one of those newfangled 3D printers, could make you a plastic blank of the hull at a suitable scale. You'd still have to make a positive impression using something like modeling clay, then lay up fro the gel coat inwards. Probably only cost maybe half an arm and a bit off the leg.

  5. If I was in the vicinity of Billy Bob's place I'd invite myself in for supper.

  6. "At 43 degs, that's cold for south Texas."

    It is snowing here!

  7. I think your dinner and dessert both sound delicious!

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