Saturday, February 7, 2015

What matters most....I'm happy

Yesterday was a superb day down here in south Texas. Well, maybe it weren't THAT great with all the clouds an' no sunshine, but I'm here to tell ya, it was a wonderful day. I feeled like a gazillion dollar bill from the time I got my first mug of coffee down, all the ways up into the midnight hours. It's amazing what 9 hours of sleep will do. 

Much thought was given yesterday, along with a dish warsh'n an' floor sweep'n session, as to "how to be happy in your later years". Ha....that's the statement of the day. Ya see, when ya get to the point that eat'n watermelon gives ya heartburn, ya don't eat no more watermelon. Or a 1/4 miles walk down to the corner intersection makes your legs hurt....ya take the car the next time. There ain't a hell of a lot that the old Billy Bob can do no more. Well, I can, but it's gonna cost me in some kind of pains. But then, there are some things ya just cain't quit do'n. Warsh'n dishes is one of 'em.

Do ya see where I'm com'n from? I'm out there on the end of a frick'n rope......hold'n on with one hand.

Now that rope situation has to do with stuff I've done all my life. Times have changed. I cain't do that shit no more. There's a bunch of new stuff out there. Shoot' I could take up knitt'n....buy me a brand spank'n new sew machine, crochet shit....stuff like that. The choices are endless. The knitt'n an' crochet'n shit was only used as an' example. Ain't no way in hell I would ever do that kind of "girlie" stuff. There are other choices....man choices. Which we will not be discuss'n this morn'n.

One of my happiest times here lately is build'n stuff. I like to build stuff ya know. An' build'n models is a favorite hobby/past time. You just don't know how involved I get when I'm work'n on a model of some kind. Although, I do cuss ever once in a while. I'm right there in the shipyard saw'n timbers, nail'n 'em in place an' admir'n my accomplishments.
With the Alice model construction project, I was recently hired by Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, Alabama to supervise the construction of motorhomes. I'm right there on the assembly line.

The "Alice" project has turned out to be one of the harder model projects I have ever taken on. There are no plans or instructions to follow. It's all be'n builded by photos an' my memories of the real Alice. The memories flow with each an' every part I construct. Stories cross my mind. *The little tiny stove I builded, I recall all the food I burned slap up on the real stove an' the blackberry cobbler what spilled over in the oven.* Took 2 hours to get that shit cleaned up. This project is more than just build'n a model, it's the bring'n back of memories of the good times. An' bad.

So yesterday, I worked on Alice. Have ya ever builded a dashboard for a motorhome? Sheesh....this shit don't fit. I spended a good 4 to 7 hours just build'n a freak'n dashboard what there ain't never gonna be anybody see it but me. The only view will be through the winders. I'll have the opportunity to remove the roof an' see what you cain't see. An' let my memories rip.
As in this pic from way back in 2003.

 This is granddaughter Wesley. She spended the day with her papaw. Ha, she's danc'n to cajun music. She's all growed up now...probly got 7 or 14 boyfriends....a beautiful young lady.

Oh wait a minute, we was talk'n bout stuff I build......

 Seat construction has been started.

Do ya remember when I said I had to make Alice wider? Well, she's tooo wide. An' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it. Too far along in construction to start all over. But you didn't know that did ya? But that's not the only miscalculation. A couple winders are 1/4 inches too low. The dashboard is a little off kilter (not level). An', if'n I'm not mistaken, Alice is now a 32 foot motorhome instead of 29 foots. But you didn't know all that stuff neither. What matters most is....I'm happy. Hmmmm....that gonna be the title of today's post.

Today we have sunshine. Door is wide open an' it's up to 80 degs outside. Now you cain't beat that with a stik.

Ok, I got to go outside an' enjoy this weather while I can. Maybe even look at the ignition switch on the "billy jeep". If'n I can find the damn thing. I know it's there somewheres 'cause ya cain't start a Jeep without a ignition switch. Google was of no help.



  1. You are doing an absolutely amazing job on Alice! Wow. I find it incredible how realistic you are able to make each item. Maybe you should get in a kit-designing business! I hope today proves to be as great a day as yesterday was.

    1. Be'n a Libra, I find it very easy to find imperfections. I do appreciate your faith in me to do a "amazing job", an' just for you, I will attempt to improve.

      Shoot, I'm too dad gum old to get into ANY kind of business. I can see it now, "Billy Bob Model Designing Company recently opens for business"....in my obituary.

  2. Hey bein' happy is all that matters, you are doing an awesome job!
    Good luck with that ignition switch.

  3. Attitude is everything, I'm finding out. Starting the day just knowing it's going to be a good one (hell, ya got your eyes open, right?) makes it pretty darn certain you will have a good day. That granddaughter of yours is a real beauty!

  4. I have to agree with George...being happy is what it's all about!

    One attractive granddaughter you have there!

  5. I find the best way to be happy as I get older is to accept that there are things I can't do anymore but to try and find replacements. You have a wonderful gift being able to build things.

  6. What I would give to be able to build things and to do it as efficiently as you do. Indeed you have a very pretty granddaughter who happened to inherited her papaw's eyes :)