Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jack an' Jill go up the hill....Billy Bob fall down

Stuff just keeps fall'n downhill.

Yesterday I weren't gonna do nuttin all day long. That was a failure. I did something.
What I did, that was also a failure.
So I turned back to "do'n nuttin".

The "billy jeep", it still don't hold when ya pull that park'n brake lever. 

Last night I began writ'n a "nuttin but nonsense" blog post for today. After read'n it this morn'n, it will NOT be posted.

I sleeped in "that chair" again last night. "Why Billy Bob, why do ya sleep in a freak'n recliner"? I like that chair.

It was 3am. Both eyes was look'n round the room. The tv is on...I ain't watch'n it. Pictures are pop'n up on the screensaver on the Toshiba. It's cold outside 40 degs). I look at the "Alice" project over there on the desktop.....I ain't got no interest. I see a couple items what could use some "fix it" attention.....but not today. I close my eyes. I wake up an' it's 15 minutes later. It's 4am. I get up an' make a pot of coffee. Sadie Mae wants outside. I rearrange myself in the recliner. It's 5am. Afore I know it, here come the sunshine. It's 7am.

That was my excit'n night. Don't ya just love it??? Well I don't. Not narry a bit. If this is what old age is like, I don't want to go on any more. Don't want nuttin to do with it. *a bit of depression show'n here*

I'm gonna take me a short break an' give my life a good "look see". Lock the doors an' do me some think'n.
"Billy Bob, if'n ya fix the "billy jeep", git the inspection....everthing will be just fine.
Damn Texas an' their safety inspection stuff.

Ok....let's see where we stand on the "billy jeep" today. The brake shoes has been replaced, an' readjusted two more times yesterday. The brake lever has been lubricated an' works like a brand spank'n new one. The cables operate both sets of brake shoes just like they supposed to do. It's just like it come off the showroom floor. The damn thing should work.
Google, Google, Google....for 4 more freak'n hours. Other possibly 'causes could be....glaze on the brake drum surface. We didn't sand 'em. Use ONLY OEM brake shoes. We didn't. Rear brake shoe expander thingys could be rusty an' not apply'n enough pressure. All these items means "tear that sucker apart again".   
"All ya gotta do Billy Bob, is take it to the Shell station ya took it to last year an' get a inspection sticker". They don't check parking brakes.
This thing is got me so damn stressed out I don't know what day it is. Wrote a check, didn't know what month it was. But I did get the year right.

Sorry I ain't got nuttin excit'n to write about. Just hang in there, something is gonna happen.

Oh wait, lookie what I found. 1964 or there bouts.
This was long bout the Cuban Crisis time. 



  1. Things do get better ya know, maybe you worry too much about things, need some golf ball swakin' me thinks.

  2. You were a good looing sailor. And yes, getting old is its own kind of hell.

  3. I hope warmer weather comes your way soon... that will make you feel better. I still believe that getting old beats the alternative.....

  4. Wowie Zowie! You were one heckuva good looking sailor! (Ya still ain't bad for a guy almost as old as I am!)

    Take the Jeep to the Shell station. Do you ever use the parking brake? I never did and never will, and hate it when someone drives my car and leaves the damn thing on!

  5. Billy Bob... I am sure if you just keep on ruminating that parking brake conundrum, you will get it figgered out toot sweet!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. I rarely use the parking brake. So get the inspection already.

    Like the portrait of a sailor. Cigarette in hand--must be Billy Bob. Or my Dad. Nope, not long enough ago to be my Dad. Must be Billy Bob.

    Hmm. this cold weather, watching the street light blow in the wind, must be getting to me.