Friday, February 6, 2015

Take yer pick....it's nonsense day

Man boy howdy, I have me just toooo much fun on this computer. I love the header pic I edited yesterday, but it ain't gonna stay there long. I love my blog too, an' I spend way tooo much time writ'n a bunch of silly nonsense. I find it entertain'n to write this stuff an' I have a few followers that find it entertain'n to read it. Not nearly as many as I used to have, but the ones left tickle my innards with their comments.

Yesterday I was quite serious when I was talk'n bout my last dream an' all that....."I can do this" an' "I can do that". Well yeah, in my mind I can. But in reality, probly not. *I only get serious when nuttin else works.*

I bringed up one my old say'ns in the comments yesterday..."to let a dream die is to die inside". Now you think bout that for a second. What if'n your biggest dream was to win the lottery? Then after a few years, you quit buy'n your numbers. An' that night your numbers come up. My god, I would die. But that ain't what I'm talk'n bout.

Ya see, if'n you got yourself a dream, not just any ol' dream, but the bestest dream of your life, an' you don't do nuttin to make it come true......well, I think you get the picture, that dream can never ever come true. Then you gonna kick yerself in the ass for the rest your life. In my case, I cuss a little bit too. On occasion I break stuff.

As a example of break stuff.....back in bout 1968 or therebouts, I had me a old Corvair. That sucker run hot, hard to start....go "putt putt putt" down the road. It was a piece on junk. I carried a box of tools in that Corvair. One morn'n, that POS Corvair refused to start. I was pull'n parts off the engine, got a battery charger on the battery, cuss'n up a storm...check'n for spark on the coil wire. BAZAPPPO....that sucker shock the liv'n hell out me. I bangs my head on the engine cover....say some more cuss'n words an' I takes me a ballpeen hammer an' put holes in every winder in that thing. I was much younger back then, I don't do that shit no more. The local sheriff accused me of shoot'n a gun a hunnert times in city limits. Weren't no way in hell I could 'spain to him I did that with a hammer 'cause I was pissed. 

This next paragraph makes no sense at all.....why is it here????  
Speak'n of much younger back than....I could run like greased lightning. That "Million Dollar Man" didn't have nuttin on Billy Bob. I was fast. In the 9th grade they tried to get me to join the run'n team....or what ever the hell ya call it. I had me better things to do. Like play'n "hookie", fish'n an' camp'n, work'n on bicycles, bicycle races an' take stuff slap apart. In the Navy, come the yearly physical endurance train'n stuff...or what ever they call it, I was top of class for go'n a hunnet mile a hour in the hunnert yard dash. Out runned a dog one time what gonna beat my ass. It weren't no big dog though. A little chicawawa dog. Now days...there ain't no such thing as run'n.  Damn I miss the past when I could do stuff.

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is peopel that don't know how to spell simple Inglish words.....Grrrrrrrrrr!!! Computers do have "spell checker" ya know.

Not much time was spent work'n on the project yesterday. But the little time spent, was well done. Ya wanna see what I'm talk'n bout???

That was it, I didn't do nuttin else....but I could have.
Now, bout that kitchen sink cabinet thingy.....my god, I work on that thing for a good 2 hours. The front cap got it's 2 hours worth too....bondo fill'n, sand'n an' stuff, an' then a coat of primer.

Me an' nephew Joseph is gonna tackle the ignition switch problem on the "billy jeep" Saturday afternoon. We are both in hopes that it will be a simple job. If'n there was some sunshine out there, I would start on it today. You know, tear shit apart. Break stuff. Cuss a bit. Drink some coffee.....an' smoke.
It's 63 degs out there. No sunshine. Not quite Billy Bob weather.

Ok, we got to do something bout that bed back there. Last night I was feel'n no pain. I went to bed. When I git up, my back an' hip hurt like a sum-a-gun. Speak'n of bed....last night I hit the sack right bout 1:30 an' go straight to sleep. That was the last thing I knowed until 10:30 this morn'n. My god, nobody sleeps that long.

Last night was pizza night. Man boy howdy, let me tell ya.....that was some perfectly grilled pizza. 

Ok....I got me some things to do. "I'm think'n, I'm think'n....what the hell do I got to do"???   



  1. Ya gots to built a puppy for the motorhome modle. BB always has a puppy around.

    1. Think'n I may find me a puppy already built at Hobby Lobby....or somewhere's like that. May have to paint it black to look like Sadie Mae though.
      Hope you are hav'n tooo much fun

  2. The inside of Alice is looking sweet. You are really an artist, ya know. And you must have the patience of a saint - a cussin' saint no less!

    I had a 1962 Corvair - bought it new, 1st car I ever owned. I loved that car and got 24 mpg back in the early 60's when you could sometimes find gas for $.25 a gallon! One of my younger brothers wrapped it around a tree, and I bought a '64 Corvair Monza Spyder convertible. The spoked wheels were gorgeous. I spun it around one evening driving a little too fast in a light rain, and probably under the influence of a beer or two. Not a scratch on me or the car, but I never trusted it again after I learned what it means to fishtail. I traded it in on a full size Chevie.

  3. I had me a Corvair Spider Convertible that I bought from a friend. He told me it had a blown head gasket but he got it fixed. It wasn't long before it blew again and the mechanic said it had warped heads, etc. and would cost a bunch to fix it. I traded it in on an Olds convertible cause the heater on that Corvair sucked in the exhaust off the leaking gaskets and the guy told me if the heater were running and the windows up it would kill me in a few minutes.

  4. I sleep that many hours every night. At least, I spend that many hours in bed. All totaled, between trips to the bathroom and all the tossing and turning I do, anyway. Not sure how much sleep I actually get but it never quite feels like enough.