Monday, February 2, 2015

One day of a new lease on life....ha ha, see how long this lasts

Yesterday was a excellent day....or I suppose it was. It got so hot that I had to turn the dad gum A/C on for a couple hours. Ain't no snow in south Texas.

When I rolled out of bed, I tole myself, "we gonna do something different today". No working on the "Alice project. I just sit my butt over there in "that chair" sip'n up a cup, blow'n smoke, think'n an' filp'n channels....tak'n it easy. Made me up a great big ol' "very berry" pancake, another pot of coffee an' go outside an' sit in my camp'n chair for a bit. A walk around the yard, talk'n to the "burritos" (burros) an' a dozen cats, I got me some much needed exercise. Did you know sit'n on yer ass all day long causes yer buttocks to swell up.....pants don't fit no more.

I was relaxed all day. Took me 2 one hour naps....back to back an' I feeled like a brand spank'n newly printed hunnert dollar bill. Don't recall hav'n me a cuss'n fit the entire day.

But.....it weren't long after dark time that this routine made a change. Ya see, I was sit'n here look'n at stuff on the computer....photo side show on screensaver, an' these pics of Alice was show'n up. I thought, let's raise that back end just a tad an' we'll call it a done deal for the day. I slid the chassis out, did some shim work an' put it all back together. Perfect.
Then I got to think'n...."we can install some of the paneling". An' that what we did for the next few hours....cuss'n fits an' all. "Damn, why don't that fit"?

  Alice had dark paneling, an' this is as close as I can come. Once the cabinets an' all the cabinet doors are installed, who's gonna know the difference? Only the bottoms of the paneling is glued so the tops can be pulled apart for the installation of the winder panes. And this is where I have a problem. How to paint the exterior an' not paint the winder glasses. But I have me a idea. The clear plexi has a removable protective skin on it....just peels off. Wouldn't that be bout the same as masking the winders? A test will be done.

While I was laid back relax'n yesterday, I let my mind wander off in any ol' direction it wanted to go. Boom, up popped Falcon Lake an' Del Rio, Texas. Up popped another trip to Georgia. Up popped kids an' grandkids. A RV shelter. Camp'n, fish'n an' golf ball swak'n. Nasty carpet under desktop has got to go. My mind went plumb ass wild for the time I allowed it to think on it's own. I rekon there's a slight possibility...."I ain't quite done yet".

Now let me tell ya bout that chicken. Past experience of grill'n chicken on the Weber has been a disaster....burn that shit slap up (low an' slow). I marinated that chicken in a concoction of a new to me BBQ sauce for bout a hour, some butter, onion powder an' garlic was added. The Weber was fired up on high for a preheat. A trivet was placed on the grill an' heat lowered to as low as she would go (bout 350 degs). I placed that chicken on the trivet, closed the lid an' let 'er rip. Surprisingly, I had me a perfectly cooked half a chicken. Internal temp right at 180 to 185 degs. But....the BBQ sauce sucked. Grilled 1/2 inch thick tater slabs rounded out a good supper.  An' a slab of that apple pie.

Dishes was done up, sweeped the floors an' took the trash out. Yes, a very nice an' productive day.

That's it for this morn'n....although, it was 3:30 oclock before I was just slightly sleepy. Got me 5 or 6 hours sleep an' I feel pretty darn good this morn'n. Hope it lasts.



  1. It sure is a good thing you didn't make that desktop any smaller! You are doing a fine job on Alice. I am having fun seeing how you plan ahead. Proves your head still works fine. You did a great post today. Just hope the day continues to go well for you.

  2. First picture shows the whole thing in pieces. What happened? BB, I cannot reconcile the front of your Alice model to the actual Alice. LOOK! I am sure though you know what your are doing, so I'll keep watching as you progress along on your "journey". Quite a feat, in my book; I like your precise conscious methods.

    Good that you took a leisurely break yesterday. We all need them.

  3. I got a laugh about the desk from RunNRose. Yes, I enjoy watching your progress. You have me enthused; I want to make something too.

  4. You had a really great day! You just need to take it one day at a time anyway. Of course you ain't done yet.

  5. " Did you know sit'n on yer ass all day long causes yer buttocks to swell up.....pants don't fit no more."

    jajajajajaja...lol, apart from being funny...it's true :D

    I so enjoyed your post today, you sound like the Old Billy Bob we all know and love!

  6. Amen, MsBelinda and Gypsy, too. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery, Billy Bob, spirit-wise anyhow. You just needed to get back to Texas and turn on the AC in February to get back to your old spittin' lean mean self. And I must be sitting too much, too, cause my buttocks aren't swelling, but my middle sure is. Is that from sitting, BillyBob, or is there another explanation - other than too much bread and wine? Don't like that one, so let's try for another. OK?
    Hope you have another great South Texas day ~

  7. Hey there Billy Bob glad you got yourself a good tasty chicken on you Weber Q. I don't use BQ sauce, it does like to burn, I spray with olive oil, and a tasty chicken/garlic rub and is so moist and tasty. The trivet does help too, though I very seldom use one.
    Yerp we got the snow here, and dam cold, wish I was there.