Sunday, February 8, 2015

Houston, we have ignition.....look'n like Alice

Think'n todays post ain't go'n very far when it comes to excit'n stuff to write bout. I ain't traipsing round out in the deserts....climb'n mountains an' stuff like that. Been a hunnert years since I climbed aboard a bicycle an' ride that sucker without a ton of pains. Last time I was in a swim'n hole, I like to drowned. My walk'n days are done. My bicycle days are done. An' the only thing I want from a swim hole is to catch me up a dad gum fish. Maybe y'all recale me catch'n this big ol' fish.....
  I had to have this nice lady hold it for me 'cause it was too heavy an' I had me a mug of coffee in my hands.
Fish'n tales....everbody loves fish'n tales. "Ha, I catched me a fish [.....THIS.....] big".

I grab holt to my coffee mug an' out the door I go to my awaiting campchair an' table. Sit back with the beautiful sunshine bear'n down on me. Sadie Mae by my side. This is the life. Then the thought struck me....."ignition switch Billy Bob, where is the ignition switch"? Ha, before I say more, I spended me some Google time on how to take the dashboard apart. A few tools are rounded up an' I tackle the dashboard. Remove a couple pieces an' "I want you lookie here....a ignition switch comes into view". Another panel is removed for complete access.

A call is made to the local auto parts sell'n place....they ain't got no ignition switch. But, before I go on, let me tell ya bout this guy on the other end the line. He don't talk English worth a crap. I have to 'splain to him that a ignition switch is what starts your car. He tried to sell me a starter. Then I thought he hang up on me. But he was talk'n to me all the while. " Could ya SPEAK UP A LITTLE LOUDER please". "No, I don't need no stink'n carburetor repair kit". "Yes I'm sure a ignition switch starts a car".
Any hows, I finally fount the part in Aransas Pass.....bout 25 mile down the road a piece. Bring it back home to install ...."what the hell"? A security screw holds the damn thing in place. I don't have no security tools. So's I give up for the day. Nephew Joseph throws his hands up in the air, jumps in his truck an' goes buy a security tool set (torx tool with the little hole). Ignition switch is replaced.
The old one looks brand spank'n new. Now you know the old Billy Bob pretty well....right? I take that sucker apart. Looks good in here too. Well maybe that 1 contact ain't mak'n contact.....??????...shoot, I don't know. The panels will remain in the back of the "billy jeep" until I am satisfied all is well an' it's fixed.

I know you don't want to hear bout it....but I worked on the "Alice" project. For freak'n hours on end. The front cap is glued in place.

The finished driver an' passenger seats have been installed. I builded a hide a bed couch....glue that sucker in place too. My god, it's look'n just like Alice.

Today, I got to break out the printer an' print some stuff up. Refrigerator front, burners for the stove an' a double bowl sink. Damn, I can hardly wait.

That's it for a beautiful Sunday. Golf comes on the TV a little later, so's don't be bother'n me. I like golf.



  1. I would like to get hold of a bass like the one in your first picture. But for now, just gonna sit here and dream about it.

  2. Your skills amaze me . I don't really know what Alice looked like but your renditions is great.

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  4. ..."so's don't be bother'n me."

    Hahaha, I like to giggle on occasion. With your efforts and stick-to-itive-ness, I bet you would have made a wonderful Quilter...oh, sorry, I forgot...that's a girlie thing...something you won't be caught dead doing, hmm. What a shame, for making something beautiful is not sexist stuff. It's Art! I think you have all the qualifications for such. Precision, man, precision; you have the eye for perfection. I love watching your progress. You could give us pictures as you work, you know? A video even! 'specially how to work with that SUPER GLUE. Fearful stuff for me.

  5. You are making progress, fixing that jeep and Alice looking better by the minute, maybe I have another beer she look amazing!

  6. hey there Daddy, how have you been doing? From the sounds of it your doing Purdy good. Alice is looking good and much time invested. Did you get the ignition switch in? I see a big O bull dozer on your wall, is that one you getting.lol... with that one you could move mountains. Well, I'm back at home for a week or so, then gone again for three weeks. can't believe you would paint my back splash. I worked hard on that piece. Oh well. Okay love and miss you. can't wait to see you back in Georgia.

  7. Your Dozer looks so cool....How many MPG do you get?.....Better than your motorhome?
    Just being stupid here....You are doing so swell on all your models....

  8. Did you see that shot on the 18th hole with the water in back of the green? The guy went for the green, only to over hit the ball about a couple of feet into the lake and it had enough backspin to come out of the water and land inside the out of bounds line! Scared the h3ll out of the duck that was close by just watching the game.

  9. Billy Bob I shore don't see how you are going to fit in that thigh, what are you going to power that thigh with? a law moor motor.