Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today I pay

Holy cows, I'm think'n I'll be tak'n the day off today. Some position I placed this old body in or some that heavy crap I had to move to get under the back seat has got me down this morn'n. I'm think'n here, I've taken days off before....I know how to "do nuttin".

But that weren't my plan for the day. Ya see, I got a dad gum Jeep to fix. With the new brake shoes, adjustment, the lever thingy pull'n on the cables like it 'sposed to do, this parking brake should be fixed an' keep "billy jeep" from shoot'n across the yard when ya put it in gear.
Now....a couple more hours of Google research. *A parking brake is for parking, not stop'n while driv'n down the road.* *The parking brake shoes need conditioned.* (conditioning brake shoes is "burning" them into the drum for full contact). Ya see, ya go out on the road,  bring the speed up to 25 mile a hour, then apply parking brake to stop. That was my #1 task in my plans for the day.

Anyhows, there is still a slim possibility I may git up an' go do something. I did say "slim" didn't I???

Let me tell ya bout soup. Soup is like chili. Yesterday night I drag that pot of soup out the fridge. Fix me up a bowl an' heat it up in the micro. Hmmmm...this soup tastes pretty dad gum good for tast'n so nasty the day before. I know lots of food, ya got to let it rest for a bit before ya jump in there an' gobble some down.

I have nuttin else to say. Got to cut down on this nonsense talk I been do'n for the last year or so. Dang, I need to do something excit'n.

Oh wait......holy cows, I was sit'n here last night an' I says...."damn, it's cold in here". I looks at the temp thingy (Walmart special) an' it's 34 degs out there. I look again a little later....31 degs. Then at 2am....28 degs. Mr Heater burn'n up propane spit'n out BTU's, two electric heaters full bore....it's comfortable in "da house".


  1. I like that sign you posted. Kinda sounds like me now-a-days.

  2. ME too! Pulled muscles from just wobbling around. Cold? 21 deg and freezing drizzle right now with 8 inch snow. (zero) 0 deg tonight w/feel of -20 deg. Tomorrow high 11 deg, w/feel of -3.
    Now that is colder than I ever recall it being in daytime. A good hot pot of soup would be welcome. I guess spring will come....someday. Now is rough!

    1. In my book, that is way too cold for Tennessee. Shoot, I would freeze slap to death sit'n in front of the old pot belly stove.
      Did I ever tell ya bout the time...I lived in West Virginia? Brrrrrrr boy howdy.

    2. When you live in a cold climate your body can adjust to it. But move it to a warm climate and then the least bit of cold chills you to the bone! It's warm here in the sun but I wear a lightweight fleece jacket in the house!

  3. I will trade your cold for our cold any day right now. Least you keeping warm there.