Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I ain't say'n nuttin today.....yeah right!

Some days, an' today is one of 'em.....I just don't give a care. I weren't even gonna write this much, but I was figger'n, if'n I don't write something, I'm gonna break some young lady's heart.

 Speak'n of writ'n.....
When we was cruis'n the seas all about Cuba dur'n the Cuban Crisis, an' then bout 6 or 8 months in the Mediterranean Sea,  I would write me a letter to the love of my life at least onest a day. I don't remember what young lovers like us would write about back in them days, before email, but them letters was heavy. Four or five pages of scribble scribble scribble an' a few pictures. 40 years later in life, I fount her liv'n in a little mountain town in California. In a box in the back of a closet, she had stashed my letters. She's "rest'n" on a hillside over look'n a beautiful green valley. I know that hillside an' beautiful valley, 'cause ever time I'm anywheres close in that area, I go see her an' we have us a little talk. That's been a while though. I rekon ya would call that closure.

On Google Blogger, I stash all my writ'ns so's on a cold winter day, I can go back an' read 'em from time to time. Shoot, I did me some pretty good adventurous, excit'n an' funny stuff back then an' throughout my life.
What I'm git'n at is, I ain't got much stuff to write bout no more. Nuttin adventurous, nuttin excit'n an' nuttin funny anyhows. Some people show up an' read this stuff I write every day . Others are long gone.....poooof, gone just like that. Think'n they got their computers repossessed by Walmart or Bank of America.

The daily stuff I write bout is just like any other old fart on his last leg would write bout. His aches an' pains. What he eat for supper. His thoughts. When ya get up in age an' ya cain't do much stuff no more....you are on yer last leg.  But, just like today, I'll sit here an' write something, even though I don't want to write nuttin bout daily shit an' a bunch of nonsense.
"Ha Billy Bob, ya gotta write something. Don't wanna break no hearts".   

Man boy howdy, this "Alice" project is piss'n me off. There is tons of stuff go'n on that ain't right. When ya get down to the nitty gritty of build'n something, nerves are a factor. From this photo, you can see we at nitty gritty mode....finish details. The easy part is done.

Ya see, I was put'n this little bitty piece of wood on the new paint job to build a door. It has to be perfectly straight. I put that dad gum piece of wood in 14 places before nervously find'n the line where it supposed to go. Super glue all over the place. *It cleaned up, you will never see it.* Two exterior doors have been trimmed out. Even looks like real doors.....unless ya git up close an' inspect my work. Eight compartment doors yet to be trimmed out.
The "hey look at me" cosmetic pinstipe decals are yet to be installed. If'n I git really pissed off, there will be no pinstripe decals. Clearance lights? Well yeah....3/32 by 1/4 inch plastic. Nitty gritty gonna take some time.
An' I don't know how much time I have left. 

While I was sit'n here yesterday freez'n slap to death (43 degs outside), feel'n sorry for myself (a rambl'n mind) an' nuttin to do, I pick up some hobby tools. The new paint job is finished...."don't have no more wrecks Billy Bob". The bumpers are installed an' I did some nitty gritty to the rear end.

 It don't look like much work was involved, but hours was spent on that rear end. Have ya ever builded a set of red plastic tail lights?

When I was talk'n bout that last leg, I been think'n a lot bout that lately. Up to 2008 when I had my heart surgery, I was quite active. I did stuff....ride a dad gum bicycle, climb up mountains....walk out to the car.....stuff like that. I dreamed adventure. I turned most all situations into something excit'n. I think of grandpa when he was on his last leg. I remember old neighbors on their last leg. I recall the pain an' suffer'n they went through. Remember when I tole ya what Dr. Fronkinstink say to me. "Did you expect your surgery to last forever"? I only got bout 3 more years accord'n to him (10 years). Damn I hope I can make a lie'n doctor out him. But anyhows, when ya get in yer 70's, you ain't got a whole lot of time left. Ya don't make no "long term" plans. *Old school reasoning here* Be'n in pain ever day don't help make good thoughts. 

My best think'n time comes after the sun goes down an' there ain't no roadside noise to distract ya. This puts the time right bout midnight here in Sinton, Texas.....after the dogs an' burros go to sleep. Texas ain't a quiet state ya know. I thinked again last night. All the ways up till I see sunshine on the horizon. It was a complete waste. No decisions was made. No travel thoughts were touched on. All I wanted was something to eat....an' a fresh pot of brew.
Accord'n to my think'n last night, my life as a adventurer is over. But then, today is a new day....think'n changes.

"Don't think Billy Bob, do something". Dad gum cold weather. I need sunshine an' warmth.

Ok, I done said much much more than I was want'n to say. Ha...let yer fingers do the walk'n...all over the keyboard.

Hmmmmm.....shower, Walmart an' the Shell station.
Sounds good to me.....laters.


  1. Well at least you thinkin', you typing and you doing stuff.
    I like that cold weather you have there, trade you this stuff we got here any day!

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  3. to my way of thinkin bill: any day above ground is a good one.

  4. The height of winter is a typical time for thinking moribund thoughts. You are just like the rest of us, except you aren't afraid to put those thoughts down in your blog. My hat's off to you for your personal honesty. No signs of you being in denial. (Good thing it is raining as that bald spot atop my noggin hates sunlight and let's me know every time I abuse it by turning red, blisters and then itches. Danged diuretics and sunlight.)

    So, Billy Bob, you just keep on ranting and telling it like it is. Those "Pollyannas" too self-absorbed to find the truth and wisdom behind your japes will find old age sneaking up on them soon enough. And, they will be wholly unprepared as they have ignored the combined wisdom of their elders, told in a humorous fashion by none other than you. Keep on keeping on, BB.

  5. BillyBob, what ship were you on.......just asking, cause my brother was on one down Cuba during the missile crisis and then then on to the Mediterranean tour.

  6. Billy Bob, my parents had a lady friend who was morbidly obese. Her doctor's told her she had to lose weight because she was a walking time bomb and could go at any moment. She had high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol. kidney problems, heart problems, she lost the sight out of one eye, etc. etc.

    She never paid any mind to them and said only God knew when he would call her home. She never worried and kept right on eating. She survived four doctors and lived to be 82 years old.

    Don't worry about how much longer you have...not a single one of us know the answer to that question. All we can do is live today to the fullest.

    1. Amen, Ms. Belinda. Today is as good as you want to make it, or as bad as you'll let it be. Every day is a gift from God, that's why it's called the present. BB. you're doing fine - keeping us entertained daily, even with your snarlin' and bellyachin', and most often with something delightful , funny, or interesting to see. Perk up, you're back in Texas, y'know - doesn't get much better, at least on this planet!

  7. What is the weather forecast for fishing this weekend?

  8. Ms. B, when is Ralph going to get his own blog?

  9. Yup, Billy Bob... you come across with some good thoughts. Thanks for putting them down on paper!

    I found a website that lets you export a copy of your blog (you can do it year by year) into a PDF file that could be saved, printed, or shared later even if blogger were long gone down the road. Wonder if my kids would ever want to read my blog if I printed it up into a book? Heck, they don't even read it now online as I publish it! LOL

  10. Same here, but i don't worry about it,,,sometimes i think "will i make it 10 more years?"

  11. Just 'cause I don't post a comment doesn't mean I'm not here.