Monday, February 16, 2015

Fix'n broke stuff breaks other stuff.....I betcha a dollar

I have many understanding followers an' I love 'em to death.
Then on the other side the coin, there are many followers what don't understand me at all. I say silly shit ya know.
Seldom will you fine me in a serious condition, but I can do that too.

To start off yesterdays excit'n day, the starter was installed.....pic yesterday afternoon, but here it is again just in case ya missed the update.

After that job was done, "billy jeep" start right up an' pulled off the ramp., Tools all stowed where the supposed to be....I took me a break. Came [this] close to a nice nap in "that chair".

Nephew Joseph show up with a hand full of tools...."let's replace the parking brake shoes". You don't know bout parking brake shoes on a Jeep do ya? Chrysler Motors have turned Jeeps into a freak'n nightmare. Four hours, four dad gum hours to replace then damn things. Special tool here an' special tool there.....an' only a inch or so to get in there with big swolled up knuckles. Adjustments are made. I pulls back on the park lever...."WHAT THE HELL"""??? It go all the ways back an' never set the brakes.
Ok, back to Chrysler Motors....some ass hole designed a self tensioning lever assembly. It don't catch the toothy gear thingy that pulls the cable tight. There are no adjustments on it an' no replacement parts to fix it. What I learn on Google....it's gotta be replaced. Before I can remove all the center console stuff to get to that lever thingy, I got me a dashboard to put back together. And it's freak'n cold outside.

 The temp dropped 28 degs in bout 30 minutes when the cold front hit. To give ya a idea, at 5:30 this morn'n, I turned on the bedroom a/c. Yes I did, I ain't lie'n. Hot flashes I rekon. At 11am it was 76 degs. I now have two electric heaters run'n an' it's 48 degs....an' fall'n. A very comfortable 76 degs in "da house".

Speak'n of air conditioners.....have ya ever builded a Coleman a/c for a model motorhome? I'm think'n it come out pretty dad gum good....until I applied some paint. My god, my nerves are so bad I got brown paint all over the damn thing, brown finger prints an' stuff....an' it ain't supposed to be brown where the brown paint ended up. So's, a hot water warsh job (acrylic paint), an' a fresh coat of cream color paint. Brown paint will be added when these dad gum nerves calm down. A few other items have been worked on on the "Alice" project. Damn I wished I had me some paint the same color Alice had on her. Note: I can get it matched at Home Depot, but I don't own a little bitty paint sprayer.

Ok, somebody said they want more pics of the stuff I eat. How bout a pot of chicken noodle tater vegetable mater soup??? Ha ha...with burned onions. Actually, the burned onions gives it a bit of a "redneck" soup taste.

Well shoot, I ain't got nuttin more to say right now.

HEY!!!! Anybody wanna buy a pot of redneck soup??? My god, let me tell ya, don't NEVER put no burned slap up onions in a pot of soup.

The dashboard has been put all back together. It's a bit chilly out there, 48 degs, so's I'm back in the comfortable "Sally da house"......73 degs.

Now what the hell am I gonna do? 


  1. You know, you got a four-legged buddy who would be mighty beholden if you would share some of that soup with her.

    1. Hi ya Judy. Sadie Mae was the tester after I got my first taste. Feed some to the cats....it's all gone. So's I called on Master Chef Billy Bob to do his thing....fix it. It's chicken noodle, but when ya add a pac of beef stew seasoning, ya don't know what you gonna end up with. It helped tremendously.

  2. The soup sure looks good, but I guess you can't get rid of a burned taste. I don't understand why you can't get a little bitty paint sprayer when you get the paint matched at Home Depot. Do you actually need a sprayer or can't you just paint it on with a brush. Sorry to ask so many questions, but you know I'm a girl and don't understand manly stuff.

  3. When you said "picts of the stuff you eat" a very off color bit of humor came to mind ... but I kept it to myself!

    1. " -I kept it to myself!"

      No you didn't. This HERE is a clean blog. Go talk with Rat. He talks dirty talk, whopping off- color seriousness

  4. Nice lookin pot of soup, warm ya up on a cold day.