Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clean up Sunday

Had me a bad dream last night....I was late. So I got up bright and early and started do'n stuff to get ready to leave out of here in 5 days (April 15th). Oh yeah...brewed me up a pot this morning that should keep me awake all day long. Well, at least till nap time.

Remember that old lawn chair what throw old Billy Bob on the ground back there in Yuma, Az.??? Well pesky neighbor Wayne sat his big ass in it and broke it. But, being the kind of guy I am, I found a perfect project for it. I now have me a brand spank'n new bicycle rack on the back of "Sally da house". All hung up there and ready for the highway.

And then, do you remember all them Texas Longhorns I gonna carry on my riverboat? Well, they ain't gonna be jump'n overboard. Four freak'n hours to sand, paint and install those cattle rails. That were yesterday night. This morning I manufactured a cradle so's the boat don't end up on the floor when I "nail" it of come to a sudden stop.

Now I have a living room (boat shop) to clean up. I get all started, but old pesky neighbor Wayne come over and distracted me....again. Then he started whin'n bout never gonna play golf again till I come back. Then he started in on the dogs..."Oh I'm gonna miss you guys" and stuff like that. Little does he know, I'm gonna leave Sadie Mae in Terlingua with Tffguy. Jist kid'n....sheesh!!!

Ok, got to put on another pot of coffee, find me something to feed my face on and get back to work.
Oh yeah, while I'm think'n bout it, how bout some fresh caught rainbow trout for dinner tonight?? Sounds good to me.


  1. You are in danger of losing your title as the king of doing n'utting if you keep this up, lol.

    So are you staying at David's or across from the Grub Shack?

    I don't think I will be drinking anymore coffee anytime soon, did not make it to bed until 8:30 am jeeze!!!

  2. First thing when I say the bike was, now I know why that toe headed devil at the slabs was throwin rocks. You stole his bike. he he he

  3. That bike looks funny.. I KNOW what it is,,someone stole the motor off it!!
    So what your plans now, pedal your ass all over Terlingua?
    I think there's a law against doing that. :-)

  4. I heard that TffnGuy is working on a submarine with torpedoes.

  5. Anonymous, Nope a B-52 with anti riverboat bombs.